Boy oh boy did we have our hands full with the crew from Saturday! All I know is that Courtney and John’s bridal party had one mission and that was to party. Seriously, these guys brought it! Shoot, so did the parents! Anyway Saturday April 21st was a fun day for sure. We showed up at the Courtney’s parents home where, Jennifer McCarthy Norton of True Grace Makeup was on the scene. The music was LOUD and there was no doubt that Courtney was completed relaxed and ready to hop into her gown. Once dressed, Courtney was handed her stunning flowers from Fleurtacious Designs and we headed outside. Now it was time for a wedding and the church was filling with guests. Courtney then arrived in that monster limo and the music was still bumping! After they tied the knot we did some quick family photos in the church and made the mad dash to downtown Troy for our fun photos. We managed to dodge most of the rain although it did sprinkle a little bit. Did that stop Courtney and John? Nope! I love couples that just go for it! Once we wrapped up we all headed to the Franklin Plaza where DJ Jeffrey Scott was all types of amped up to begin playing his tunes. We also had the chance to work along side the film crew from Niki Rossi. It was a crazy fun day and I can’t thank Courtney and John enough for having us! These guys have been a pleasure all along to work with and I wish them nothing but the very best! Congrats!


I’ll set this blog off with one from their engagement session last fall.

April 21., 2012… it was fun trying to get this shot and not let the horse eat her shoes..

getting ready.

Love her amazing blue eyes..

Local wedding professional and Courtney’s bridesmaid, Erin Dewey helping our girl with the final details..

The ladies..

Something pretty from Fleurtacious Designs

Straight up stunning!

The church..

Dad and daughter on deck..

They’re married!

this image sums up the whole day for me. laughter.

See what we were working with? Haha!

The bridal party..

Something thru the lens of my 200mm 1.8L. yes please!

Troy, NY.

See the rain beginning to fall?

So we grabbed an umbrella. Or John did at least 😉

A little configuration I like..

My facebook teaser. I do love everything about this one right here!

When in Franklin Plaza one must grab an “alley shot” 😉

The Franklin Plaza ballroom..

First dance..

We’ll wrap it up with some Elario Photo Booth fun..

Head waiter, Dom.

A few ladies..


This is just funny. Thanks so much again guys and congrats!!!

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  1. JP! Jonathan and I couldn’t be happier with the way these photos came out! They are absolutely amazing and I could comment on each on individually but I won’t! You guys really captured the entire day perfectly! It will be a challenge to put our album together for sure! Thank you all so much, JP, Big Joe and Hayden! Wish we could do this all again but I guess I’ll just have to settle for a newborn session sometime in the future! Thanks again <3

  2. nail-ed it! another excellent post. I totally dig the alley shot. the sign “yay for love” is classic!

  3. A beautiful wedding JP! Love the shot with the 200mm 1.8! What a great piece of glass! I love it when you post shots with it!

  4. Thanks JP what memories you have given us. It was a fun fun time and of course Courtney was a beautiful bride and Jon a very handsome groom. Her dad and I are very blessed. Thankyou again and we will be forever grateful. God Bless

  5. JP – – – this is breathtaking and incredible. I am sure Courtney, John and family are beyond thrilled! Thank you for capturing my friend’s day so beautifully!!!

  6. Courtney and John CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Was Saturday just one day?! You got the beautiful weather, the rain, and the most amazing photographs to cherish forever! Thank you for having the Elario Photo Booth! Your family and friends kept it busy!!! Have a FUN honeymoon ( I know you will! ) xo Hayden

  7. Two words – elephant chalkboard 🙂 Love that. Ok back to the rest of the blog. First of all, the bridal party are totally hamming it up for the camera! HIlarious! The first getting ready shot, I love the bridesmaid giving the thumbs up in the back.

    So great to have that kind of energy, and no doubt this was a fun wedding to shoot huh? 🙂 The grounds of the house were such a nice backdrop to start with… definitely a new shoe shot! So cool. The rings too 🙂

    Love the shot of them outside the church… the perspective there is so interesting looking. Very cool. The teaser with the Rolls… awesome. And of course who doesn’t love an alley shot. 🙂

    Just looks like a beautiful and fun wedding overall! Courtney, you look beautiful!! Congratulations to you both! 🙂

    Once again I ask – rain? What rain? 🙂

  8. I’m in awe. Courtney was take your breath away stunning bride. Fabulous photos Elario Team. Congratulations Mimi and Jonnie.

  9. Love your consistancy. Consistantly amazing shots all day long. Great job. Formal wedding party shot I think is my favorite.


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