We set off the Labor Day Weekend just like we did last year, in Lake George and at Erlowest. The weather was “iffy” however the rain never got to us, I can’t say the same for places south of Lake George that day. There were some familiar faces in the bridal suite too. You might remember Cristine’s now sister in law, Katie. As in Katie and Brian from 2008! It was so great seeing everyone again years later!!

The ceremony was in Lake Luzerne, NY at the Holy Infancy Church. When we got there Kevin was ready to rock while looking classic in the tuxedo. What a great church it was to shoot at again. Super bright! After the ceremony we all headed back to Erlowest for family photos, cocktail hour and an insane party! But before all that I had to capture some bride and groom portraits. We were going to wait till sunset but the skies during cocktail hour looked suspect so we shot then. The lake had this pretty monochromatic blue thing going on that made the photos extra sweet. After that the party begun as DJ Jeffrey Scott took the mic and rocked it late into the evening.

Cristine and Kevin, thank you both for having us. It was so fun to see everyone on Kevin’s side and meet all of Cristine’s family. You guys know how to have a good time. Seriously, keep dancing and here’s to fun, love and laughter!


Erlowest, Lake George..
the gown
I was scratching my head with what to do with the rings. I found a book with the word “love” on it and thought that would work just fine.
getting ready..
Mom, helping with some finishing touches…
The ladies..
Our bride, Cristine.
Kevin and best man Brian, on deck..
time to tie the knot.
here she comes..
Isn’t this church great?
making it official..
Mr & Mrs…
the men.
What a view the Erlowest has!
Down to the lake we go!
Love this one..
and this one..
bling it in..
cute b&w..
Working the configuration. Love these two images together.
The ballroom.
Party time!
A rainbow decided to show up.
CRAZY party!!!
The photo booth was insane too!! Lots of action that night..
Congrats you two!!


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