danaea & mike are expecting!

When Danaea told me she wanted to capture the bump I was honored! With the craziness of the holiday it worked out that we all were available to make this shoot happen. They happened to be traveling through Albany on their way back home to Boston (excuse me Charlestown). How fun also to include their two awesome dogs at the end too? I love these people and I could not be more happy for them to be bringing a new little person into the world! Thank you guys so much for having me!! Can’t wait to capture the little one in January!


Their North End engagement session

then their Saratoga Springs winter wedding

two days ago.. it was chilly but the wedding was colder 🙂


I love her dress color with the tones of this image!

Danaea, you know how to work the bump.

I love these two side by side.

a little change up to show the bump more.

How perfect was this outfit in this setting?

probably my favorite in the whole set..

of course a b&w is always nice.

One more of the beautiful, Danaea.

we all remember “Chicken”

their newest pup, Ricki. A frenchie which we all know I’m partial to!

So cute. Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

next one

meet connor!