danaea + mike = everly

If you’ve followed this blog for over a year and a half the names “Danaea and Mike” might sound awfully familiar. I shot their engagement session in Boston in the summer of 2011. Cut to 5 months later, we shot their wedding. Then 10 months after their wedding I shot their bump session and last but not least their newborn session. Thats a whole lot of blog posts in a short period of time! Also if you read all those posts you know how much I love these two. Over this period of time they’ve become great friends of ours. I’m incredibly honored to be asked back again and again to capture their lives. Thank you both so much! So without further ado lets meet little Miss Everly..


Where we left off last with them..

Meet, Everly. She’s perfect.

So cute in the little wagon!

Love all these..

I’m sure grandma Laurie will love this one.

Of course our friends Ricki and Chicken were there too!

I love all these images of the three of them. Also, nice pics on the wall guys 😉

so sweet!


I love how relaxed this whole series was.


double awwww

look at the little smirk.

I’m sure 2013 will be a wonderful year for these 3..

love it.. congrats you guys!

next one

and the winner for favorite 2012 wedding is…..