danaea & mike: hall of springs

Ok! It’s on blog stalkers! Thats right, the 2012 season has begun. With a nice 4 week break and a couple holidays sprinkled in between, we found ourselves back in it. Who better to set off the 2012 wedding season with than Danaea and Mike? I mean it’s my favorite wedding of the 2012 season. Ha ha, I know its the ONLY wedding of 2012! I do love this couple though. So lets get into it!

Ok, the big question was “will there be snow?”. It’s been a mild winter to say the least and believe me, I’m not complaining at all. I wish it never snowed! That being said, it you have your wedding in January through March there should be some snow. While driving to this wedding right around 2 exits south of Saratoga I noticed some snow coverage. I was like hellz to the yes and thank you. There was snow! After I saw that, I knew Danaea and Mike would be down to go outside. Oh, did I mention it was like 20? Word, frosty out there. We set it off at the Gideon Putnam hotel which is my new favorite hotel in Saratoga. It just looks like a classic hotel and has so much charm about it. Waiting in the lobby was wedding coordinator, Christine Wheat and her iPad with the time line. How cool? I hope this is a theme this year with coordination, you all need it. Stop lying to yourselves! My lovely and talented wife Kris Ann, of Fleurtacious Designs was on the team too. She beat me to Danaea’s room too. We have this thing when we work together of who can arrive first. Another key player of capturing memories was Al Woodard. Are you surprised? No, this is how we all roll. A tight knitted crew is what Danaea and Mike wanted, thats what we gave them!

After the getting ready photos commenced with bounced downstairs and began photographing Danaea and her girls. It was easy because there was so much beauty going on. Plus, the flowers looked awesome. I love me a black and white theme! Off at the Hall of Springs waited an anxious groom. Mike was so ready to see his beautiful bride, Danaea. So we had the first look and then just had a blast with these two. Back when I photographed them in Boston, I knew it was going to be so fun come wedding day. Sure, it was freezing and all that but these two brought their A-Game. Come on now, you only do this once! Once our session was done we all regrouped as the room filled up with guests. Mike’s father took over at this point and married these two. How cool and special is that? There ceremony was full of laughs and emotions. After they walked down the aisle it was on! I must say this was a partying wedding. The first time City Rhythm started playing during dinner the floor was packed. It pretty much stayed that way all night. The Elario Photo Booth was hopping as well. Hayden knows how to get the people going! What a night!

I must say to Danaea and Mike, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you over the past year. I knew once we met we’d be friends. Kris Ann and I have enjoyed our dinners in Boston and Albany. You’re both awesome people and super fun to be around. I wish I could shoot your wedding every weekend! 🙂 We’re happy to have set 2012 off with you guys. Thanks so much for trusting us to capture this special day for you! Congrats!


Who could forget these two from their beautiful North End engagement session?

January 14th 2012..

The Louboutin’s..

Danaea, getting made fabulous..

All the girls watched while Danaea opened her gifts from Mike.

Who doesn’t love something from Cartier? Shout out to Danaea’s mom Laurie, (my instagram pal) in the top left image..

I love this getting ready shot.

Yep, its going to be a good day.

Meanwhile in the guys suite… Step 6 is the most confusing..

Mike pretty much smiled like this all day..

because he was going to marry her..

One of my favorites of Danaea.

Dad saw Danaea for the first time and hugged her and really didn’t want to let go.. It was sweet.

Did someone order some hotness from Fleurtacious Designs ?

All stunning.. can I shoot all your weddings? If you’re already married its ok, just get married again!

That gown was perfect for Danaea..

The boys.. I was competing with Kosta for best hair..

Looking sharp my man..

A fun little first look series.. Look at Mike’s face in that one image!

Caught ya..

It was cold but all 16 of them hung in there..

A little backlight warmed it up though..

I love the way the light is catching their profiles..

Danaea and Mike killed the configuration both at their engagement session and the wedding..

The fur was pretty but Danaea wanted to loose it..

I must have said something funny because I’m a riot (not).

My facebook (lets be friends) teaser… I love this image.

Another favorite..

Ok one more. I thought they were going to turn into an ice sculpture here.. Love the light and shadows though..

The ceremony space.. More in the round please!

Mike waits for Danaea and Dad..

Always a great moment with the bride and her father before they walk down the aisle..

Mike’s father officiated the ceremony. It was so special.

Mr & Mrs..

The Hall of Springs iced out with some beautiful creations from Fleurtacious Designs

Making an entrance..

First dance.. if you have a first dance in the Hall of Springs you MUST spin your bride around! 😉

A little pano of the room..

Instead of wedding cake Danaea and Mike had this awesome popcorn bar.. The popcorn was flavored. Two of my favorites were buffalo wing and pickle. Yes pickle, Danaea’s favorite flavor, it was really good too! Popcorn from: Popcorn Papa.

As all brides and grooms should do Danaea and Mike partied their asses off. (“OMG he said ass” yup! 🙂

And when they weren’t partying they were in the Elario Photo Booth wilding out in front of “Spangled” from drop it MODERN.

Ok.. seeing double? Who has the better hair? 😉

One of my favorites..

Snow bunnies

Congrats you two!!

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