danielle & neal: hall of springs

The 141st running of the Travers wasn’t the only big thing going on in Saratoga Springs, NY on August 28, 2010. No no. How about Danielle and Neal’s wedding? Yeah, that was kinda a big deal too! What a fantastic day it was with the perfect weather and all. We set things off up north near Lake George. They rented a house seeing as though hotels are next to impossible to get locally that weekend. It was a good thing because I shot some of my favorite getting ready stuff of the year in this home. On site to make everyone fabulous was Alayne and her crew from Make Me Fabulous. The ladies all looked stunning! Especially Danielle, I love a bride with her hair down. Keeping us on time with everything and coordinating the whole day was Gina and her staff from Details By Gina. Wedding planners are a must people! After we shot all the pre-ceremony photos we made the mad dash down to the Hall of Springs. I honestly expected more traffic since not only Travers was going on but there was a concert at SPAC. Yeah a concert. The lead act was a band called Disturbed but the ironic thing was this concert didn’t really disturb their wedding whatsoever. Did I mention the stunning decor yet? No? Oh well you know I’m giving mad props to my wife Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs for yet again showing up in the winners circle. In fact, I think the Fleurtacious Designs and Elario Photography Inc combo make a pretty nice exacta 😉 Danielle and Neal’s ceremony was wonderful and just the right amount of time especially since they walked right down the aisle and outside into the good good light. They could not have planned that any better. After we had some fun outside it was back in for the party. The Elario Photo Booth was on site and crazy as always. Thanks to my funky and little nutty photo booth operator Kat! Kat’s a riot and gets the guests to bug out! Also thanks to my cousin Lori and tagging along and helping us out on this one! Oh and one more BIG THANK YOU! To the bride and groom, we thank you very much for allowing us to make some pretty images for you to have forever. Seriously though, both Danielle & Neal are not from this area and live down in NYC so we thank you having us local cats capture your event. Much love, enough talking for me. Let me share some images now!


This room was the perfect getting ready room.. the light was just awesome.

Jimmy whaaaat?

Love this getting ready photo!

Hey Danielle!

What a smile.

A tool belt of some Fabulousness.

Finishing touches by local wedding celebrity Alayne of Make Me Fabulous. 😉

Oh stop it right now Danielle!

Danielle’s father proud to send his 4th and final daughter down the aisle.

When we have a staircase like this. Why not?

Bouquets by Fleurtacious Designs.

The ladies…

This house we shot at had so many nice spots!

One more..

Sup fellas?

Neal loves the bar at the Hall of Springs.

Always a favorite shot of mine to capture.

Props to Kris Ann on those big floral displays.

Mr & Mrs..

The great thing about the Mazzone staff is they manage to get a glass of bubbly in your hand with the quickness. Its the little things.

I kinda like this one.. Duh, it wouldn’t have made the blog if I didn’t.

Photography 101. Don’t shoot into the light. Haha, yeah right.

One of my #1’s from this wedding.

You should always laugh!

Danielle’s not afraid to sass it up.

This light was just perfect!

The Elario configuration. Remember on my last blog I said I don’t like to pose. It’s all configurations.

My facebook teaser.

The room, looking good.

First dance.

Just a goofy compilation of the Elario Photo Booth.

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