I’m happy to share Danielle and Sean’s Sagamore Wedding photos with you all today! It just doesn’t get any better than being up on the lake and “working”. They had a very beautiful day and although the sun wasn’t out in full force it allowed us to shoot in some different spots that are usually washed in sun at those times of the day. Thats one of the many reasons I love this blog post. Danielle and Sean, thank you both for having us! We wish you many years of love, health and happiness!


October 3, 2015

A cute moment with the girls..

Pretty details.

1st look..

Love this one!

Might be one of my favorite bridal party photos… love everything about it.

Sorry about that wind ladies 😉 ya’ll still look good tho!

Sharp, fellas..

Our beautiful bride, Danielle..

love this one..

how about this boat? more on that later..

time to tie the knot..

What a perfect backdrop to get married in front of huh?

Mr & Mrs..

Sooooooooo awesome!!

I loved shooting through the doors and windows on this boat.

my favorite from the boat series..

So many great details.

yes please.

1st dance.


A few more b&g photos 😉


Classic Sagamore.

Crazy party people!

and we’ll end with this peaceful scene on the lake at dusk.. congrats you two!

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