Finally… This post should be titled “Deah & Chris finally tie the knot.” Why? Well for starters these two have been together for 14 years! Thats a long time huh? Anyway, Deah and Chris finally made it official on July 17, 2010. This wedding was just awesome. It was great to see a lot of familiar faces, past brides & grooms, friends, clients etc..

Arriving at Deah’s mothers house we were greeted with a printed timeline on the front door. I thought it was hilarious and tweeted this. Although I tweeted it at 3:42pm we were there on time, in fact we were early, we always are ;). This time Kris Ann beat me to the house with the flowers. We have this game we play of who arrives first, its fun. She won this time though! Anyway this house was like a circus in a good way. There were bridesmaids popping out of every corner, hairspray flying, music blaring and good vibes all over. I’m telling you future brides, play music when getting ready. It changes mood and just makes that part of the day that more fun. After this wedding I can now say I photographed a bride while listening to some serious hip hop and I loved every second of it. I almost started a dance party right up in Deah’s Mothers house but I was there to work, not party. We really had a blast photographing all these ladies, they know how to be fun. After that I stepped foot in the hottest church this season. St James in Albany was where the nuptials took place. Although this church has recently been renamed I grew up in this parish so it will always be St James to me. Chris and his boys showed up and were ready to party, we reminded them there was a mass first by the one and only Father Tony Childs then they could party. After the mass we hit up one of my favorite spots in downtown Albany before heading to Birch Hill for their reception. The whole day was just fun! Deah, Chris, their families and friends are just fun fun people. The party was insane too. Their guests partied the hardest so far this season. Seriously I’ve been to a lot of weddings (haha) and this one was just off the hook. Oh man, the Elario Photo Booth too! That thing was a huge hit at this wedding. The guests were bugging and Deah and Chris have some good laughs waiting for them with those images. I know , I know, shut up JP lets see the pics! Let me just say thank you to the b&g for an awesome day. We had a blast at your wedding! Congrats guys…. oh and dont wait 14 years to make babies will ya?


Whats the deal with MJ? Well apparently Deah’s sister Brittany found it in Deah’s basement last year shorty after the king of pop left us. When she found him he wasn’t wearing pants too. Strange right? Well from that point on the Michael doll became Deah and her PYT’s “traveling mascot”. I guess they bring him everywhere and take pics at parties, weddings etc..  Both Deah and her Mom knew this was a special occasion and went out and both bought this tux for him with out the other one knowing. Funny huh? So thats the deal with MJ… I decided to do my Elario twist on their mascot with Deah’s bling.

Deahs hair and makeup was by her friends.. Hair by Hannah from Studio D in CP and makeup Kaitlin from Chanel.

Some details…

Getting ready… I especially love the one on the right.

Some Fleurtacious Designs looking awesome.

Deah, Mom and sis Brittany.. they have these cool matching tattoos. Don’t they all look so much alike?

Beautiful bride alert…

Another one..

St James!

After 14 years together Deah called it. She said Chris would give me the peace sign.. She know’s her man.

ALways love shots like this. You can’t and don’t stage this stuff folks.

I know I said in an earlier post that its easy to post a flower girl shot for a cheap “awwww’s” but I’m partial to these girls. Remember them?

Deah’s Mom walked her down the aisle.

14 years in the making..

Mr and Mrs..

I told you these ladies were super fun.

Working it out…

Per the request of Deah’s sis Brittany. She wanted an animated jumping shot…. here ya go Britt.

The good light..

The facebook teaser and quite possibly my fav from the whole day.

Love birds 😉

Cute b&w.

love this one too.

so awesome.

This building is just sick. For years now I’ve been shooting here and it never gets old.

I really love this one too… it might be my second fav

come on lets go party….

but hang on and stop right there… then he kissed her hand, I didn’t ask either. Chris was turning into a pro by this point.

How awesome?

That scientist wife of mine was at it again growing that green grass.

Now this is a story all about how… Yeah thats right. Brittany the MOH rapped her toast to the theme of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with “Deah and Chris-isms” replacing all the lyrics. This is one of those reasons all couples should have video. Boy I hope one of the guests captured this because this was a GREAT toast. Goes in my top 3 of all time.

Elario Photo Booth craziness! New backdrop… you like?

They partied like it was no ones business. The party was on level 10 all night..

Michael even had a blast! Thats it peeps. This is Deah and Chris’ wedding! Thanks for viewing. Congrats guys!

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  1. I LOVE these pictures. I have come on here to look at them so many times in the past few weeks… i dont know why i havent commented yet… Deah you were such a beautiful bride… and to think i BARELY put any foundation on you! a beautiful natural canvas! And sooo much fun to work with! Joe and JP thank you for being paitient with me while i finished Deah’s and the rest of the girls makeup and cleaned up the piles of CHANEL makeup and brushes so you could start shooting! When JP says these girls were dancing and singing all day he’s not kidding… they were histerical… it took all i could do to focus on actually doing the makeup instead of getting up to dance! Amazing bride, amazing bridal party, brilliant photogropher.

  2. OH MY GOD – I can’t believe its taken me so long to look at these. JOE AS ALWAYS – AMAZING! I love how you captured Dee and Chris! Damn you’re good!

  3. Love it… great shots of great people.. it comes through with such ease via your lens.. the day, the laughs, the genuine happiness…. great job – great talent by you and Kris Ann.. lovely..

  4. Deah,You looked beautiful. Congrats from Vegas ! Looks like a great time for all. Your (our) family can sure party. Have a beautiful marriage with many , many years of love. Ever come to Vegas, pleaase look us up.

  5. awwwhhh, joe, u r sooooo sweet! I had to laugh at the local police line! we did have a great time didnt we??? there was only one piece missing at my wedding to make it perfect…..unfortunatly he was on his way to college… u guys!!!!!!!!
    ok, so not only was my cousin so stunning, but this wedding day has been a long time coming! U captured her beauty, their love for each other, and the amazing love surrounding them!
    I have never danced so much at a wedding.. and the photo booth!!!!!!! OMG! SO MUCH FUN!!!!! i love the shot of my family!!!and their were people in there that didnt even know each other!!!!! fyi_love the new backdrop!
    you are so creative incorporating our man mj, capturing my beautiful babies, (eventually Natalia will warm up, im hoping!!) and always having fun right along with us! We had a ball, and Kris Ann, u r so talented!!!!!!!
    i could go on and on… I am so blessed with a beautiful family, I love u deah and chris…. and BRITTANY!!!!! awesome job!!!! joe and joey.. much love.. thank you so much MUAH!!!!!!!!
    love, donna

  6. I have been a blog stalker for a while, but never commented. I just want to say how awesome these pictures are. I met Deah and Chris at a wedding I shot for her friend (and one of her bridesmaids) several weeks ago. We were talking about your work and I raved about your pictures/composition/lighting, etc. I have been keeping an eye out for this post and I LOVE them all. Best of luck to Deah and Chris! Beautiful images…as always!

  7. Incredible pictures! Dee, you were a stunning bride! You had a glow on your face the entire day and night. And Mrs. Patty, you were one HOT mother of the bride!
    Deah and Chris, I’m so happy for you two lovebirds and feel privileged to have been a part of your special day! Love you guys!
    Chantel Burnash

  8. So much fun for a wonderful family which I am very familar with – love you all . It was also great seeing you again Michael.
    BTW , we do do travel to NJ & have with the beautiful bridesmaid Donna , on the beach at Spring Lake, just ask the local police down there about it.

  9. Joe, you really are the best of the best…LOOOVE the animated pic……you really caputured such a fun, great day at all the right moments :)….

  10. Ok, so I love love love this one! From the sweet, romantic pictures of the bride and groom to the fun, crazy pictures from the reception! And that photo booth looks like a blast!! Congrats to the bride & groom!!

  11. Sometimes I’ll look at a post once and occasionally twice, but this is my third time back on this one! I can’t decide if I like Michael or the toast pictures more, but this looked like a fun day! Congrats and best wishes for a lifetime of days just like this 🙂

  12. Another beautifully shot wedding! I stalk your blog always, but had to comment this time…St. James looks awesome, love how you photograph that church. You really do it justice, because it is an enormously gorgeous church. How lucky are we that it is the parish we grew up in?!?!

  13. These ROCK!!! I don’t know where to start. First of all, ok, the BRIDE! How beautiful is she???? You look so beautiful and happy, congratulations to starting a new chapter after 14 years of your first few books together 🙂
    The bridesmaids all look gorgeous, love the dresses, love the jumping! Love the flowers!
    The CHURCH! ‘Nuff said…
    and the other shot location that you never get sick of – I can see why! What lines, intricate beauty. So cool.

    OOooh I also love the shot of her in the mirror. It’s like its own frame. Also love the chill lounge/salon shot… you guys are amazing.
    This looked like such a fun time and such a fun wedding to photograph!!!! Congratulations Deah and Chris!!!! Wish you both a continued life of happiness together!
    YAYYYY! 🙂 (I’m a big yay-er, ok?)

  14. OK, love every single picture, absolutely stunning! Deah and Chris look amazing and every shot is better than the next! And, the animated shot is hysterical, LOVE IT! really though, my feet didnt even leave the ground! JP- you are absolutely the best, hands down.

  15. This was a beautiful website. Great job; I enjoyed seeing my beautiful Niece’s wedding.

  16. You captured the day perfectly! The write up is awesome! I am so happy and appreciative of your time and work. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see the rest! So happy JP, so happy. xoxo

  17. OMG, these pics are amazing!!! congrats Deah and Chris. I enjoyed lookin at the beautiful day.
    Especially LOVE the animated shot. Do you ever come to Jersey?? because you are BY FAR the best photographer . Wow, just amazing!

  18. WOW….. Awesome photography……Awesome wedding photos Deah and Chris……blew me away!!!

  19. Great Pictures… Deah looked Beautiful… Brittany looked like she led the party… also beautiful… and Chris looked like he loved every minute of it. Great Job Joe

  20. OMG OMG OMG Joe, you have certainly outdone yourself! I knew you were good, but……you are truly amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so so so very much for letting us be able to totally enjoy our wonderful, unforgettable day all over again! Gotta go and look at them again and you’ll be sure to hear from me again…..probably in a few min!!!!!! Thanks, JP!

  21. Joe…I’m speechless! These are absolutely amazing…thank you so much (esp the animated shot haha)! My sister is such a beautiful bride!

  22. I LOVE THIS!! Portraits are fabulous, details are incredible. Great shoot, JP! Love, love it.