Dining Out for Life 2014

Oh man what a fun time we all had last Thursday for Dining out for Life! This was my second time being an ambassador for this event and I had even more fun this year than last. What a success!!

For those who might not know what Dining out For Life is, it’s an annual fundraising event to help raise money for AIDS service organizations. This is a national event and last Thursday in the capital region over 60 restaurants participated.

The amazingly generous Purnomo family donated 20% of lunch, dinner and cocktails to the cause from dp An American Brasserie and 25% from Yono’s. Like last year Katie O’ and I had our cocktail competition, only this year we switched up the drinks from the  “Sparkletini” to the “Mrs Sparkletini” and mine “The Blog Stalker” to “The Blog Stalker 2.0”. 100% of both cocktails were donated to the cause. We sold over 230 drinks combined. That was a donation of $2,607 just in cocktails!! Plus, I held my title as champion from last year. This year I won by 29 cocktails. Our total in cocktail and restaurant donations was $4,207. This doesn’t count those envelopes all the diners filled out with additional donations. I was hoping to have that number in time for this blog but so many people donated they have not finished counting! 😉

Thank you all who came out to support the cause! It was great seeing so many familiar faces and lots of new faces too! Thanks to all the wedding industry friends who came out as well! You all seriously rock! Katie O’, Dominick Purnomo, Yono Purnomo, what can I say? We’re a power team when it comes to this event. Save the date for next year, I know Julie Johnson already made a reservation (#realtalk). Thanks again to everyone!


Our promotional image for this year!

We’re now open for Dining out for Life!
Even Katie O’ was caught sipping blog stalker 2.0’s while Dani Brown enjoyed one of each…
Yono told me he liked mine better (sorry KO)
Why you so bitter? lolol
The AMAZING “Yonacho’s” this was a special appetizer just for the event. We all taste tested one night but couldnt figure out what to call them. Dominick decided we should let the people decide. Once “Yonacho’s” was posted we all knew it was the clear cut winner as were the people who got to enjoy this dish… we sold 37 that day! I think they should be a staple on the menu… you all should tell Dominick to add it 😉
The famous “JP Burger” was back this year too. Sold 49 JP’s! BOOM!
from 3-5 our cocktails were double points.. So Nate (Katie’s thoughtful and generous husband) decided to call in an order… news traveled quickly to Kris Ann (my lovely and generous wife) and she did the same. Bruce is clearly not happy about holding the tray of “Mrs Sparkletinis” lol
as was the bar..

Some fun instagrams from the event… #doflatdp

Of course the Elario Photobooth was in the hizzzouse! I’m LOVING this new backdrop from drop it MODERN called “Lover-ly”
The beautiful daytime diners..
fun night time people..
Love the Gannon’s in this one…
Insert DOFL Power team here:
Our delicious cocktails…
The knockout punch..

And the winner is JP, my man, speech!

The final tally.. thank you all for supporting such a good cause, see you next year!!


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