For those who might not know what Dining out For Life is, it’s an annual fundraising event to help raise money for AIDS service organizations. This is a national event and yesterday April 25th in the capital region over 80 restaurants participated.

As I said above wedding planner, Katie O’Malley (this was her second year doing this) and I were the ambassadors for Yono’s and dp An American Brasserie. The amazingly generous Purnomo family donated 20% of lunch, dinner and cocktails to the cause from both their restaurants. Katie O, came up with the brilliant idea of having 100% of the proceeds from her signature cocktail the “Sparkletini” and mine “The Blog Stalker” donated to the cause. Then we figured, why not make it into a little friendly competition and see who’s drink would sell more and win. I have to admit I was worried for a while when I saw the Katie O’ army of friends and family come through but in the end the Blog Stalker prevailed. The Blog Stalker cocktail was purchased 87 times and the Sparkletini 74. It was a close one! Just from the drinks along we pulled in $1771!

Thank you all who came out to support the cause! I loved seeing so many past, present and future Elario Brides and Grooms! Thanks to all the wedding industry friends who came out too! Wow, you’re all so awesome for coming out! Katie O’, Dominick Purnomo and I had an absolute blast seeing you all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


When you have a photo studio at your disposal its only right we came up with an image to promote the event and our “cocktail competition”…. This image went viral on facebook including an audience of 68,000 people on the Dining out For Life Facebook page !

Here is an image of our signature cocktails. The “Blog Stalker” has vodka, canton french ginger liqueur and pineapple juice. The “Sparkletini” has champagne, oj, raspberry vodka, peach schnapps and a splash of cranberry.

My good friend , Dominick Purnomo of dp An American Brasserie, let me come up with my own Burger du Jour and called it “The JP Burger”. Its a combo of all my favorite things that I get when I dine at dp An American Brasserie. It was a 10oz Black Angus Burger, “Slider Onions”, 4×4 Cheeses, Freshly Fried Potato Chips, Blue Cheese Sauce, Brioche Bun, Butter Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Garlic Parmesan Frites on the side. They sold over 40 and everyone who had one loved it!

After lunch I had some free moments to clown with my little photog sis, Tiffany Wayne

Oh did I mention my all time favorite beer Brooklyn Summer Ale is now on tap??

Yes, we had a wardrobe change for day and night.. !

Looks like one table couldn’t make their mind up. 

The girls of Make Me Fabulous stopped by looking all pretty! 

Bow ties unite! 

I have a sweet spot for these two portraits of a successful father and son duo along side their jam packed restaurant. 

Some fun instgrams with the hashtag #doflatdp (dining out for life at dp)

and of course, the Elario Photo Booth (thanks to Hanisha for rocking it for 12 hours) was in the house. Erin Marzilli and Tiffany Wayne. 

6 Elario Bride and grooms! 

and 18 Elario bride and grooms and 1 Elario bride (Neal where you at?) Wow! You’re all amazing for coming out!!! 

Dont ask.. 

more photo booth all stars! 

4 of the rockstar talents of Fleurtacious Designs!

More craziness. 

Cheers to a super successful event! Katie O’, I’m so glad you asked me to be part of your second Dining out for Life! Keep sparkling! 

and this is what the Blog Stalker cocktail did to the Sparkletini.  Hahaha!

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