domenica & tony’s troy engagement session

Last week I caught up a September 2012 couple, Domenica and Tony for their engagement session. We set it off at their home with their rambunctious but totally cute dogs. Then it was off to a few key spots in Troy before we dressed it up and settled into the downtown area. I must say these guys were pretty darn easy to photograph too. All we did was smile and laugh during their session and they both have great smiles too! I’m looking forward to getting together again with Domenica and Tony in late September this year for what I hear will be a huge and crazy fun wedding! Thanks again you two, see you soon!


Meet Domenica & Tony with their pups..

A stop at the Catholic High football field..

Now we’re at Frear Park in Troy..

so fun.

A change of clothes and location. Downtown Troy.

Domenica looking Flawless (by Tina)

Loving this b&w.. it would make a nice facebook cover photo right?

A nice Elario configuration.
my facebook teaser. loving all the green.

a little cuddle

Aren’t these steps awesome?

loving this one and the light too.

speaking of more good light..

and I’ll end with my token “bling shot”

and the old “turnaround” too!

next one

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