elario mini sessions (for a cause)

Hey friends! Writing this blog is very personal for me and I’ve put a lot of thought into it. For those of you who follow my blog and have for a while know I rarely get too personal on here but the time has come for me to share something with you all.

Back in September of 2009 I learned from my Mother, Theresa that she was diagnosed with colon cancer. That was easily one of the most difficult times in my life. I’m sure anyone who’s received this news would agree with me. At the time she was diagnosed we also learned it was “stage four” and had spread to other areas. Since late 2009 up until a month ago she had been undergoing a lot of chemotherapy from bi-weekly, to weekly and to daily. It has come to a point where chemotherapy is no longer helping the situation and she’s off the drugs. A little history about my Mom is she’s been a professional hair stylist for as long as I can remember, which is why I have awesome hair 😉 Anyway being self employed and learning you can really no longer stand on your feet for hours a day to earn a living means her income will be minimized significantly. I want to help her out. Here’s a pic of my Mom I took back in January 2010.

Isn’t she pretty?

I thought a lot of how I could help my Mom out to keep her house up and running for a while. I’ve been thinking about this since 2009 but for a while she was doing well, working 4-5 days a week while getting a lot of chemo. Anyway I feel like its time for me to put what I do best to use. This is where the idea of the “Elario mini session” came about. I knew of mini sessions and thought this would be great! I often turn down a lot of children photographs simply because we’re so busy with weddings. So this would be a great opportunity for you to have me capture your kids.

Whats a mini session anyway?
It is going to be is me shooting, 1 day only, rain or shine for 10+ hours and every 15 minutes a new session will begin. This is great for the children sessions because I often have to turn away a lot of children photography simply because we’re just so busy with weddings. Plus with kids we always get our best stuff in the first 15 minutes because after that they are not interested anymore. This would be a great time to take advantage of that. That also being said I don’t see this as just children. Obviously this is a “wedding blog” and a lot of you engaged couples frequent the pages of my site. I see these sessions also being for you guys. Like come get a quick little engagement session with me and get a “bling shot” or a “configuration”! I also see this is as an opportunity to capture some of my past brides and grooms too who might want an updated couple shot. If you need a head shot you could take advantage of this. I’d also love to photograph your dog if you’d like!

• Sunday April 29, 2012. Rain or shine. Sessions will begin at 9:00am every 15 minutes and I plan on shooting my last session at 7:30pm (thats 43 spots) . Those last 3-5 sessions would be ideal for the sunset type images of couples in that sweet light. If you’re multiple families and want to capture them all it might be good to book up 2-3 in a row. I figured this was a great day since Mothers day is around the corner and I’m doing this for my Mom.

• The grounds of the Hall of Springs, but the other side. I chose this spot because its rain friendly and super versatile for sessions. I know these grounds like the back of my hands and look forward to shooting there! Like I said if its raining or threatening to rain this is the best spot to be!

How much and whats included?
• The fee will be $175. I’ll be doing the shooting for 15 minutes. You should expect anywhere from 30-50 files. I will host them on my proofing site and they will be high resolution downloadable files. That means you can do whatever you wish with them. (To put this in perspective, I normally charge $50 for one single royalty free digital file.) No copyright logos or watermarks will be on these files. They will all be color and contrast corrected and ready to print. The files will be online within 2-3 days max from the date taken to view and download. In order to reserve your spot you will have to call me, Big Joe or Jamie at 518.438.0989 or email me jp@joeelariophotography.com or jamie@joeelariophotography.com . Session will be paid in full at the time you reserve your spot.

The only thing I ask is you be on time. Please arrive 15 minutes before your session.

Again, I want to mention that every dollar brought in from this day will go to my Mother. I anticipate this being a great day and love doing what I do. I love that I can use my talent to support someone who means so much to me. Thank you all for listening.


***UPDATE: This is amazing.. this day completely booked up in 4 hours. You all are amazing. I can’t thank you enough and look forward to capturing you all. Thanks for all the nice comments. 

Available time spots will be updated when reserved:
9:00am – BOOKED
9:15:am – BOOKED
9:30am – BOOKED
9:45am – BOOKED

10:00am – BOOKED
10:15am – BOOKED
10:30am – BOOKED
10:45am – BOOKED

11:00am – BOOKED
11:15am – BOOKED
11:30am – BOOKED
11:45am – BOOKED

12:00pm – BOOKED
12:15pm – BOOKED
12:30pm – BOOKED
12:45pm – BOOKED

1:00pm – BOOKED
1:15pm – BOOKED
1:30pm – BOOKED
1:45pm – BOOKED

2:00pm – BOOKED
2:15pm – BOOKED
2:30pm – BOOKED
2:45pm – BOOKED

3:00pm – BOOKED
3:15pm – BOOKED
3:30pm – BOOKED
3:45pm – BOOKED

4:00pm – BOOKED
4:15pm – BOOKED
4:30pm – BOOKED
4:45pm – BOOKED

5:00pm – BOOKED
5:15pm – BOOKED
5:30pm – BOOKED
5:45pm – BOOKED

6:00pm – BOOKED
6:15pm – BOOKED
6:30pm – BOOKED
6:45pm – BOOKED

7:00pm – BOOKED
7:15pm – BOOKED
7:30pm – BOOKED

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