elisabeth & jon: engagement session at sweet dreams farm

Last Thursday I ventured on over to Sweet Dreams Farm to catch up with an October bride and groom of ours, Elisabeth & Jon. Sweet Dreams Farm is Jon’s Mother Gail’s farm located in Johnsonville. When I asked Elisabeth what type of farm it was she responded “its a hobby farm.” Anyway its a visual place for sure with sweet characteristics and great evening light! We set off the shots on the back steps of this old victorian home but then perused the grounds stumbling on all kinds of photographic awesomeness. Elisabeth is one of the most photogenic people my lens has ever seen by the way. She has those eyes that suck you right in. Jon’s not too bad while rocking his Jon Varvatos threads. After this couple changed their clothes out of the house came running their super adorable Bernese Mountain Dog Ruby. Ruby also know as “Boots” was pretty photogenic and tolerated the camera for a little bit before retiring on the ground. Next was the golden June light I love and the shoot kicked into full speed and I captured some of my favorite images of the day. As I was gearing up to head home I was handed a dozen fresh farm eggs! I have yet to eat them but when I do at least I know where they came from and the chickens who hatched them are living a very legit chicken life. So thanks again to Elisabeth and Jon! I’ll be seeing you guys in October!


Setting it off on the back steps..

Just a little detail. Green shoes rock!

This is what I mean about those eyes.. She just pulls you right in.

The front of the house did not disappoint either.

Working it a little.

Wups.. those eyes got me again.

It was time for a funny face series..

So many little sweet spots to shoot at!

Anyone see that skit on SNL. Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals? Where heres my twist… “Hey Rooster whats up? You’re a rooster. I dig that, you make noises. I take pictures. Say hi to your Mother for me ok?”

Back to the session.. Their clothes looked so good against this rustic door.

But then peeked out some light..

And I captured these..

Hey Ruby!

How great is this?

Ruby looking a little intense with the eyes but I still liked it.

See all those bugs? I ate like 50 of them.. but this shot is just sick!

I teased this one on my facebook last Friday. Elisabeth quickly made it her profile picture too.

Love these..

Oh yeah!

Back to the porch..

This is a cute shot. I happen to like it. Well duh, I blogged it right? Anyway great shot.

A couple more with that warm light.

And of course. The one and only “bling shot”

next one

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