elisabeth & jon: erlowest on lake george

I love fall in Lake George! There’s something about being on the lake with a cool breeze, great color and the smell of a fire. How’s that for setting the scene? Well imagine that then plunk in a wedding. What a wonderful day! We showed up to two ace’s in Elisabeth’s bridal suite. Alayne from Make Me Fabulous made Elisabeth even more stunning than her usual self and was done on time. I love that about Make Me Fabulous, they never run behind. Speaking of time and schedules or as we in the wedding world like to call it “minute by minute”, Katie O’ from Katie O’ Weddings & Events was on site too. Wedding coordinators are the best thing to have around. Really, I’m not playing when I say this. I actually have a blog post lined up for the off season that I want to title “I’m not a wedding planner.” More on that later. Anyway, the room was pumped with good energy and happy faces as Elisabeth slipped on her gown and Jimmy’s. We found a spot with some sweet color for the bridal portraits. Then Jon showed up looking fly in his John Varvatos suit. You know me, I’m always giving props to a well styled groom so this is where I fist bump Jon for looking smooth. Their first look was full of color and more smiles too. Moving on to the ceremony which was just beautiful and intimate with Elisabeth and Jon’s personality sprinkled in there as well. The highlight for me was when a family friend played and sung a song he used to sing to Elisabeth as a child. It was just wonderful. The ballroom was beautiful thanks to David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design who always brings it! The energy stayed high well into the evening while DJ Jeffrey Scott did his thing! I could go on and on but listen I know you’re all here for the images and not my bad grammar. Let me just say big thanks to Elisabeth who I’ve known since I was 11 years old and Jon who I had the pleasure of meeting over the past year. Best of luck and congrats on many many years of happiness!


Talk about some great details!

The only truth I know is you. 10.16.10

Alayne’s weekly blog cameo.

Seriously? She has this look about her that makes a photographer just want to keep photographing her..

You never know if your feet will be viewed by thousands so make sure you get a pedi lol..

“OMG JP you cut her head off!?!?” Yes, yes I did. Flowers by Renaissance Floral Design

Hello there girls…


Stunning.. really Elisabeth you killed it!

just amazing.. I think I want to print this up large!

one more because I said so!

First look! Here she comes Jon!

Love it!

At almost all first looks the groom has to step back and just take it all in..

I like this shot of the fella’s…

Just a few before wedding time.

Diamond Point Community Church. My favorite one in Lake George.

Gotta love a bride and her father. Who’s Dad look like? I think Clinton but theres someone else too.

This place is just so quaint

My favorite moment of the ceremony. Everyone was a little teary eyed.

Mr & Mrs..

I love the color and of course Elisabeth’s profile.

Oh you know you got to get into that Elario configuration!

My facebook teaser..

I love in this one you can feel that lake breeze..

this one I just love too!

I’m assuming these were done by hand? I love the writing.

Interesting guest book.. You wrote on the postcard and put into the mailbox that will be at their home. Oh and guys, I know who “Uncle Buck” is. Not me though!

Erlowest by Renaissance Floral Design

On deck to party! I love when a bride and groom are about to enter the room. It’s such a fun part of the reception.

Crazy about this one.

And thats it peeps! Congrats Elisabeth & Jon!!

next one

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