elizabeth & adam: tappan hill mansion

Road trip! Not really, although on Saturday August 21, 2010 I found myself driving south to White Plains with videographer Al Woodard and of course Big Joe. My SUV was jam packed with all types of gear and since I drove please know there was no Elvis on this road trip. Anyway as we pulled up The Ritz Carlton in White Plains I was amused with how many weddings were going on. I think I counted 3 brides exiting the building. Then we got to see our bride Elizabeth! We all remember her right? Her suite was full of good energy and happy people. Aside from that they had the music going. I know I’ve said it before but I think this is a must in any bridal preparation room, even if they’re playing Mr Roboto. Running right on time Libby hopped into her gown and it was back onto 287N to head to Tappan HIll Mansion. Apparently Mark Twain bought this mansion for his daughter back in 1902 but I guess she never moved in (hope I’m getting this right). Anyway we got a head start to the venue so we could scope out the grounds. Before I knew it Libby and her father were rolling up in a gorgeous white Rolls. We shot some quick portraits and then Adam and the boys were on site and it was time for a first look. I’m in love with all the images from their first look too. It was a fun one to shoot. So now the clock is ticking and we need to shoot our butts off before the first bus load of guests arrive. Boy did that time fly too! We were shooting portraits of Libby and Adam and then boom they had to go hide out because it was time to let the guests in. On the planning ball was Elyssa and the staff from A Most Creative Affair. Wedding planners rock! Their ceremony was beautiful with a backdrop of the Hudson River. After a couple “I do’s”, some rings and a petal exit I found myself shooting their reception room. From that point on the party was in the hands of the fantastic staff at Tappan Hill and their band. I speak for both Big Joe and Al when I say we had a fun time shooting this one. Libby and Adam are both a wonderful couple and we wish them the very best! We cant say thank you enough for trusting us with the coverage of your big day! Hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon!


We’re here!

I couldn’t resist.

I guess Adam is quite the golfer so this one’s for him!

How’s this for a splash of color? I love when the shoes are fun!

A typical bridal suite.

Oh hey Libby!

It’s just too easy sometimes…

she was such a happy bride!

Tappan Hill.

I love this shot of Libby and Dad. I can’t tell who was happier.

Wasup ladies?

I love this one.

Waiting patiently for her groom.

Here he comes..

How great is this?

I love snippets like this of a first look.

The boys looking sharp in nice fitting tuxedo’s and hand tied bow ties. This is a timeless look fellas!

Back to our beautiful bride.

She know’s how to work the camera.

Love. This. Car.


My facebook teaser.

The entrance way is simply stunning.


This is one of my #1’s from their day.

Back outside.

A sweet little moment.

I think I should print this one for the wall.

Great moment!

Mr & Mrs..

It’s not official until New York State says so! I love this image too!

The room.. I love the lighting on the flowers it makes them pop right out.

Party time!

Eat, drink and be merry!

and they danced away….

next one

sweet baby james