When Elizabeth and Aaron asked me to come to Boston and photograph their engagement session I was like hell yeah! The funny thing is at the time we scheduled the session I was already scheduled to shoot in Boston the week before. The other funny thing is both couples happen to live in the North End just blocks from each other and both wanted me to capture them in the North End. What are the odds right? My number one task was to not use the same locations at all. After all I try my hardest to make everyone’s images unique for them. As a photographer I think its one of the hardest things I do. Elizabeth and Aaron are just so fun! My friend Katie O’ brought this couple to me as we’ll all be working on their May 25, 2012 wedding together. Let me tell you I’m glad she did because they’re just an awesome duo and their wedding will be beautiful. Elizabeth and Aaron, I had a great time capturing you both in the North End of Boston. I’m so happy you had me come out. I just wish the Yankees won the game I went to the night before but whatever! Lets hurry up and get to 5/25/12 already so we can do it again!


Meet Elizabeth and Aaron!

This is what I love about the North End.. awesome locations and sometimes you get interesting colors..
I must say I was feeling their pink and blue combo..
The North End is full of tight spots and they make for interesting locations.
Outside of their old apartment.
I love this scene. It’s my favorite image from the first set..
The colors and textures are awesome!
We did find some light!!
To my left stood a crowd of people waiting to get a table at Regina and eat some delicious pizza! They got to watch this beautiful couple get their photo shoot on!
The Elario Configuration..
This location was the bomb. I was in their apartment which has a nice view and in that view was a parking garage. We all know how much i like shooting on parking garages right? 😉 Anyway it was on lock down but we snuck in.
This light is to die for.
My facebook teaser. I just love the view..
Oh watch out now.. she’s working it..
One more on the parking garage..
We headed to the harbor..
I found another pattern I liked..
Wait till she’s a bride.. look at you Elizabeth!!
I loved the faint color in the sky that night..
Ok another favorite of mine..
We’re winding down now..
which means it’s time for my token “bling shot” holy bling too!
Stick your tongues out and get your goof on! See you soon guys!!!

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  1. I am in love with all the texture you get with shooting in this location, and they way the light has the chance to peep into some shots. You capture the North end perfectly. But now on to the couple Elizabeth & Aaron you both look great and your style just shows…. the same classic style that we will see next May!! yay!!!

  2. jo, my bet would be you’re going to be traveling to boston a lot more! these are great! I think I love every picture when elizabeth is in her blue dress. aaron’s socks are awesome! good looking couple!

  3. JP I’m loving the little silly cameo at the end!!! Another signature after the bling shot? What do we call this one? The JP triple combo? 🙂

    You have a way with the views from those parking lot roofs!!! Very nice. But onto my most common boston related comment – I LOVE BOSTON.
    It is such a beautiful city, oh, so many beautiful places in that city. I love that even the simplest shot, oh here’s a little alley way, they know (and we all do as well), hey that’s right near pizzaria regina’s. Awesome. The north end is definitely not boring. So old school, perfect. I LOVE that shot against the maroon wall with the flower box and bike. 🙂

    Outfits – love the pink shirt with the pink belt. Well done guys. The outfits are great, bright, happy. All these shots are great and make me very reminiscent for my old stomping grounds. Ahhh. All the textures of the north end are just perfect, and Elizabeth and Aaron you’re a beautiful couple 🙂

    Can’t wait til May!!!!

    PS – Holy Bling indeed!

  4. Joes- this is SO gorgeous….and makes me smile. Liz & Aaron are a very special client (and friends) so having you as part of their day makes it even more special. Loving so many of these shots, but of course one of my favs is the “forehead kiss” shot!! Love all the colors in the wardrobe selection, including Aaron’s awesome belt! (that’s SO Liz!) and the light in all the parking lot shots….you are awesome!! Can’t wait for the dream team to work together on 5.25.12 at my favorite spot!

  5. . . # 13 from top – yep . . killer image.
    Thanks Elizabeth & Aaron for going with “Elario Photo,Inc.”

  6. thank you both! thank you, JP, for these wonderful photos. We felt so relaxed and had such a great time! can’t wait for may!!

  7. wonderful!! love their clothing combos, and the parking garage shots… lovely 😀 beautiful couple, great shots JP, and congrats to Elizabeth and Aaron!!

  8. Liz & Aaron! These photos are so amazing (hats off to mr. elario)! Liz you look stunning! Aaron – not looking too bad yourself. Can’t wait to see you guys soon!