emily & eric: canfield casino

Another wow wedding for you peeps! September 25, 2010 was the day for Emily and Eric. They were the first wedding to lock us down for 2010. We met them 20 months ago back in January of 2009 at a wedding show coincidentally at the Canfield Casino. 20 months! Thats how you score a Saturday in September at the Canfield Casino. So today’s lesson is if you want a Saturday in peak season at the Canfield Casino you must book that place well in advance! I think they reserved perfect weather too. Seriously I said it a few blog posts ago and I’ll say it again, if you got married on a Saturday in September you were blessed with great weather.

Emily and her ladies got “fabulous” in Saratoga Springs at The Batcheller Mansion Inn. Let me just say I love shooting in these b&b’s. They all have so much character going on. When I entered the mansion headed up the stairs and into Emily’s room all I could hear was Biggie. Let me set the scene. Think of that infectious bass line in “Hypnotize” just bumping. Biggie biggie biggie can’t you see… So what’d I do? I entered the room basically dancing. Hands up and head bumping. Stuff like this amps me up like crazy! It set the tone too with Emily and her girls because from that point they knew we were all about the fun factor. Big Joe might have twisted and elbow (meaning like he danced πŸ˜‰ ), he’s got moves too. Anyway, I knew we had a fun crew on because after that song was over there was more Biggie. We then shot some great getting ready details of a bride who no matter what direction you photographed her from was killing it. Once her gown was on we headed downstairs and knocked it out the park. Waiting at the Canfield Casino was Eric and the fellas all dressed sharp and what not. We shot a little bit with them outside and then headed into the Casino to find a beautify decorated ceremony space by Renaissance Floral Design. I love shooting ceremonies in that room! While the ceremony was going down I was watching the sun drop outside. We made it outdoors just in time too! I then shot some of my favorite images of a bride & groom in Congress Park. After we finished outdoors it was time to shoot up some beautiful details of some more nice florals by Renaissance in the ball room. The party from this point was in the hands of Mansion Catering and The Refrigerators. People danced all night long too! The band was bumping and Emily and Eric’s presence on the dance floor kept the party at level 10. We also shot with seasoned veteran Videographer Brett Wasserman of Silhouette. What a beautiful, elegant and most importantly fun wedding! Emily and Eric, thank you for putting your trust in us back on that cold January day. We were honored to spend the day with you both and your families. Congrats to you both! I hope Hawaii is treating you well.


I wanted a cameo..

Emily getting made fabulous by the famous Alayne

I love this one..

This is an awesome room to shoot in.

Ah the infamous hands on the hips while getting zipped up shot.
David from Renaissance told Emily this is one of his most beautiful bouquets he’s ever made. Don’t her eyes kill you?


Look at all these beautiful ladies…. especially the little one with her flower crown πŸ˜‰

Oooh I like this one.

Come on now.. this is too easy.

Whoa.. she’s killin it.

I pledge for more Elario brides to get ready at this place, please?

Sup playa’s?

The infamous Canfield Casino.

First time I’ve seen the natural colored chairs here. I thought they looked fantastic. As did the florals from Renaissance Floral Design

Eric.. on deck..

Emily and Dad.. on deck.

Take it all in.. throughout the ceremony Emily would just turn around and take a look. You should all do this. It goes by quick, take it all in.

Oh man, these are just great.

I love her look here

And they’re married..

Oh you gotta get that “bling shot”!

This building is wonderful inside and out.


I love this one.

laugh it up.

This is classic Congress Park. I’ll always love shooting here.
My facebook teaser.

Oh this one’s pretty fun too. Thanks for climbing up there!

A little “Elario configuration”

During cocktail hour they had local singer songwriter Rich Ortiz doing his thing. Rich is off the hook. Check him out on iTunes his new album Face of a Lion is awesome.

The most beautiful reception room ever.

Some details..

Holy head table! By Renaissance Floral Design.

First dance..

We’ll end on a high note (pun intended).. Congrats Dr & Dr!

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