Emily and I had been trying to figure out this session for a while now. We’ve had scheduling conflicts and rainouts but finally last Tuesday we were able to make it happen. They wanted to include their super adorable dog, Milo so we set off the shoot in Central Park. Emily also did some location scouting and really loved the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. She also wanted to shoot at the “Top of the Rock” which is just awesome! So last Tuesday was the day and although it was a hot one we made it happen. I can’t thank you two enough for having me come down to NYC to capture the love. We’re looking forward to late October when we can do it again!! Thanks again!


Meet, Emily, Jeremy and little Milo..
I mean seriously how freaking cute is this dog?
I love these, especially the one with his head on her leg.
The Gapstow Bride, Central Park. Love this one.. love the color.
Their colors worked very well together too!
working the configuration..
Now we’re 70 stories high.. love it!
It was a little hazy up there that day but I love how the Empire State Building is always noticeable..
She’s so pretty, can’t wait to see her as a bride!
What a pretty sky..
These two images together work so well..
probably one of my favorites from the whole session..
although I love the perspective on this one..
Last one up top..
classic NYC..
Another top favorite of mine.. Love the colors..
so sweet.
and as always we end with my token “bling shot”
and the turnaround!! see you two soon!!


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