engagement session with jessica & jason

Every wedding season there is the “it” wedding date. The triple numbered dates like 7/7/7 and 8/8/8 were always hot. Then there is those ones that have a numeric flow like 6/7/8. Where am I going with this? Well September every year is always a hot month in terms of being busy and is always booked well in advance. We haven’t even reached the one year mark for next season and already there are no free Saturdays for September of 2011. Anyway next years “it” wedding date is September 10, 2011 also known in our industry as 9/10/11. So I’d like to introduce you to our 9/10/11 bride & groom to be, Jessica & Jason.

When discussing Jessica where we were going to shoot she expressed she liked both the urban and rural settings. From now on I think I’ll call this the best of both worlds shoot. Anyway we together last week and captured the best of both worlds.These guys are a fun couple and pretty easy to photograph to say the least. You’ll see they also went for the 3 outfit look with their session. I encourage my couples to mix it up if they wish. Why not right? I can’t pick a favorite outfit but I can say I am partial to yellow since its my favorite color. That being said I think they killed it in all three looks. Enough of my jabber lets get to the pics!


A little cuddle shot to set it off.

Oh watch out they know how to pose!

Some nice backlight.

I mentioned in the last blog post, this is kinda my favorite pose to have a couple do.. Kinda an Elario thing…

Damn.. the eyes just pull you in…might be one of my favs..

New outfits and another FAV spot of mine. Sure I’ve photographed many couples, kids and families on these steps but it just never gets old.

The texture is just so awesome. And the lights usually pretty great there too. I really like this one.

I got this reaction from Jessica because there was this interesting character harassing me while I was shooting it. He told me I was cute… yeah, weird.

A couple more tight portraits…

Then we hit my spot.

Jessica & Jason brought this white chair along. I thought it was a perfect simple prop.

I love this one..

The light came back out at the right time.

They’re too cool…

but they don’t take themselves that serious.

Watch out now…. this is where the shoot gets real good.

and I capture my favorite from this set..

I love this one too..

They both have the most ridiculous eyes.

and we’ll end with my “bling shot”… I had a blast guys, lets do this again on 9/10/11

next one

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