engagement shoot with elaine & dale

Today’s blog post features Elanie and Dale. These two are getting ready to wed in late October of 2010. Now the same goes for Elaine as did Libby on the last engagement session. Whats that? Well Elaine too is a super duper blog lover too. So this is the “Elaine” thats always leaving nice comments on my posts. Not to be confused with Alayne from Make Me Fabulous who happened to make Elaine fabulous for this engagement session. Great job Alayne. I think all ladies should consider getting their hair and makeup done before their engagement sessions.  Why not? A shoot like this is something you should cherish and show off. So why not do it up? One of my brides Mother’s from April of 2008 said to me “go big or go home” and I just loved that way of thinking and always remembered that saying. Anyway this shoot took place in Elaine and Dale’s neck of the woods in Kinderhook. This is what I call a “guerrilla style” engagement session. No they’re are no monkeys or ape’s and none were harmed in the making of this session either. What that means is we really had no plan. We knew we’d shoot here and there in fields etc but that was it. We drove around and hit up random properties some with permission, some with out. You know that saying “ask for forgiveness not permission” ? Well yeah that was pretty much the theme for this shoot. And no we didn’t have to once ask anyone for forgiveness either. I do think a couple times Dale was a little nervous about crashing some locations though 😉 Whatever, we got it done and the images are sweet sauce! I’m looking forward to shooting your late fall wedding. We’re going to knock that one out of the park too!


Who’s that?

Oh Elaine and Dale.

I just loved this first little field. Also the hair flower is a great touch.

This is the kind of night you want for an engagement session… and it wasn’t hot either!

too cute.

On the way to another location I asked them if they knew of any good old barns. My timing could not have been better because we were like less then an 1/8 of a mile away from their friends home. Shout out to Krista (I’m told she’s a silent blog stalker) and her cute little dog Mutsu which is the name of an apple and Matsu’s parents happen to own an apple orchard down there. Got all that? So thanks Krista, here’s a photo of your little doggy.


Dale brought along some apple crates. How fitting given the location?

I love this one.

A little light snuck thru at the right time.

Trespassing? Maybe…

love this one too.

Come on, does it get easier than this?

Do you think this shot is kinda “corny” haha get it? I’m such a dork sitting here typing this.

Anyway I do love me a nice corn field and some of that good good light.

Then the light got better… and this shot happened. I really do love this one too.

This was yet another non approved property.

I like these two side by side. When they kiss this crazy light appears though 😉

Finally another trespassing spot. How could I not use this? I don’t even know what to say about this damn photo.

or this one.. its just nutty!

but the flare and last seconds of light in this image take the cake.

finally at their home, Dale carved this into their maple tree.

gotta end it up with my one and only “bling shot”… check back in early November for a blog post from their Oct 30 2010 wedding!

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