urban meets rural. an engagement shoot with jessica & phil

Hot damn! That expression recaps my weekend right there. We may not have shot a wedding last weekend but being off enabled me to shoot two awesome engagement sessions. In this blog post you’ll find quite a few images from Jessica & Phil’s engagement session. I could have chose like 200 from this one but I didn’t want to run on too long with this post. Seriously these two are like the two best looking Italians I know. Often people may come in the studio and see images like the one’s I’m about to show you and ask us if they’re “real people” as in a “real couple”. Well these two are very much real and this won’t be the last time you see them on my blog. Thats right, we hook back up in mid October for their nuptials. I could go on and on but I know you’re all anxious to see these images so I’ll stop for now. I had an absolutely great time photographing you guys, you’re both two really fun people and ridiculously photogenic.


I always like to start with a nice clean portrait…

Then I make them sit on a dirty ground.

I love this shot. It’s just got that look of something out of Vogue Magazine. The serious look is off the chain.

But they couldn’t stay serious for too long. Look at their smiles, you can’t hide them.

Jess was stopping traffic behind me.

I love how these guys make each other laugh and smile.

Somebody turned up the sexy meter here. How bout that light?

I love this shot.

My Sunday morning facebook teaser image..

I love shooting in spots like this. Buildings and height thats right up my alley.

Oh wait… yeah, we bounced out of the city for some country style shots.

This is what you call literately shooting into the sunset. Like the next couple frames that golden stuff was gone.

And where did these bubbles come from?  I love these two images.

So fun!

Jessica is going to be one stunning bride. I love nothing more than taking nice honest portraits of people.

Wow. That grass is like perfect.

The colors you get after sunset are banana’s.

There’s nothing like that little window of time between sunset and darkness…

I’m patting myself on the back now.. call me cocky if you want, I don’t care this shot rocks!

And of course my engagement sessions are never complete without my one and only “bling shot”

next one

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