Erica & Andy’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Photos

This past Friday we found ourselves capturing wedding photos at Glen Sanders Mansion for the forth time this season. What a beautiful day Erica and Andy had too! Let's get into it...

As always we set the day off at Glen Sanders Mansion in one of their bridal suites. When I walked into the room all bridesmaids were ready to go, looking good and full of energy. All good signs that it was going to be a fun one. Then Erica busted out the gown which made all the bridesmaids squeal! It was stunning. After that we headed outside for some pics. As always we had fun and Erica is not only a stunner, she’s super fun to photograph.

Then it was off to the beautiful St John’s in Schenectady. Andy and his boys were there and had their fun socks on too. My favorite part of shooting in this church is watching the guests enter and their jaws drop. It’s just an incredible space. After the ceremony we quickly headed to the stockade for family, bridal party and newlywed pics. The light and colors were perfect!!

Erica and Andy, thank you both for having us! Working with you two was a pleasure and we’re so happy you chose us to capture your wedding day. We wish you a lifetime of happiness.


The shoes and a detail of the gown..
Erica and her Mother, Sheryl and MOH Shannon..
The bridesmaids cant handle the beauty!
a wonderful moment when Erica’s father, Stan sees her.
wipe the tears!
Photo time!
I love the bracelet, love when brides wear those!
A tribute to the Grandparents who’ve passed.
I mean, come on.. what a day!!
The fellas and their fancy socks!
Their wedding mantra “keep calm and say I do”
getting ready..
hah! I love the enthusiasm here!
Such a beautiful church!
I do
Mr & Mrs..
Loved this wall..
sweet texture.
Holding their parents wedding photos.. Lets begin “pinning” this one.. (did you know we’ve been on pinterest for some time btw?)
Andy says right before I took this “so when are we going to do the Elario Configuration?” Love it!
Love this one..
bling it in..
All the GREEEEEEEN!!!!
Another favorite.
ok time to head to Glen Sanders Mansion for more wedding photos!!
Boom! Aaaah the light. Love it.
so cute
Oh, hey now!
and I didn’t even fall in! 😉
wow, the color!
I love when gowns move the way Erica’s did!
The ballroom at Glen Sanders Mansion!
time to party!!
first dance..
Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake..
Ahh GATSBY is back!! I swear we have over 26 other drop it MODERN backdrops but this one is seriously the most popular one we have.
congrats you two!!!


next one

Amanda & John are expecting!