erica & mike: saratoga national golf course

Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re done! Boom! Just like that wedding season came to a close for us last Saturday at Saratoga National. It only seems fitting our last one of the season was at Saratoga National. This marks an all time season high for us with 13 weddings there this year! That’s 13 weddings in one year at the same venue! I gotta say, this place is home to us. We love it there and love all of the people involved in keeping this well oiled machine up and running.

Now, onto Erica and Mike… Can I just say I love this couple? I’ve been seeing them at multiple weddings we’ve done over the years and have always looked forward to capturing theirs. They’re just a fun couple, period. Mike’s the guy everyone wants to be around when the dance floor opens while Erica just smiles and completely lights up a room. They both know how to “bring it” and I’m glad we were part of capturing their big day!

It was a PERFECT day for November wedding. Sunny, no wind and a high temperature of 53. Mid November, I’ll take that all day. We set the day off at the hotel where Erica was in the Make Me Fabulous chair getting her fancy on. The energy in the room was great, my two favorite future Elario brides (when their men get on it) were in the house too! I was all jazzed up for this one! We then went to Congress Park with the ladies before meeting the men outside of the church.Talk about energy, the guys got out of the limo and everything instantly went to level 10. What a fun group. Erica & Mike tied the knot, in my favorite Saratoga Springs Church. The Bethesda Episcopal Church never disappoints. We love shooting weddings there. I was sweating it though because hey, in Novermber with a 3pm ceremony after daylight savings time we cut it close for daylight. It all worked out because we bounced across the street just in time for a little golden backlight. Then, Cheryl of CASL Productions  and myself (& Hayden) hit the grounds at Saratoga National and before we knew it, party time!! I must bow to DJ Fernando Bustamante. He killed it. In fact, their party was such a jump off I’m dedicating my next blog post just to their dancing pictures.

I must say this one lived up to the hype. We enjoyed every single moment of the day. Seriously, all around it was just a blast! You both come from awesome, caring and fun families which completely makes sense because you guys are the bomb! Thank you both so much for having us capture the big day. Glad you two met at Siena 10 years ago! Here’s to many years!!


One from their engagement session to jog your memory… 

Gown from: Angela’s Bridal

Jess from, Make Me Fabulous doing her thing.

Erica’s mom, April, delivers more bling for Erica’s ears. A gift from Mike.

Work it ladies..

This girl is just a stunner!


The fellas…

Erica and Dad enjoy a moment before walking down the aisle.

this is what happiness looks like.

LOVE this one!

Isn’t this church incredible?

Mr & Mrs..

Then across the street in Congress Park…

So sweet..

Erica and Mike kill the Elario Configuration right here:

the bridal party.

One more before heading to SNGC

had to bust out my 200mm 1.8L… Love it.

the teaser image I posted on my facebook page.

more laughs..

Mike will make you laugh, no doubt.

Duel bling shot..

Another favorite scene of mine..

Uplighting by  DJ Fernando Bustamante  Flowers by Pesha and the coolest cake topper of the year!

This is how you make an entrance!

loved their first dance..

Another smart couple invests in a center dance floor at Saratoga National. Wise choice!


If you read my write up you’ll know to check back (very soon) for their reception dancing photos. This party was such a jump off it earned itself its own blog post.

Erica’s Mom, April emailed me and said she’d like to surprise them with the Elario Photo Booth! How awesome is she??? this is drop it MODERN’s newest drop “mint”. We love it!

2011 Elario Groom, John having some fun with us… and if you have access to the whole photo booth collection you might notice him in almost every image 😉

having fun..

They kinda dropped her till Mike stepped in and saved the day.

and thats that! Thank you guys!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

next one

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