This is my followup post from Erica and Mike’s wedding. They had such a fun reception that I just had to share their party pics. Plus, DJ Fernando Bustamante was on his “A – Game” and really had the room hopping all night long. This reception was hands down one of my favorite and most enjoyable this year! Perhaps the fact that a lot of hip hop was played? Or maybe the fact that it was our last wedding of the season? Sure, those two factors had something to do with it but really the people make the party! So sit back and enjoy this one.. I’m signing off until after the holiday.


Just incase you forgot who the couple was.. here is one from their wedding

Mike’s parents sure know how to make an entrance. It was at this point I think we all knew what was in store for the evening.

Mike’s brother sure knows how to get down..

as do Erica’s brothers, doing their best “gangnam syle” with backup dancer, Maritza. PSY would be so proud!

Then they made their entrance..
DJ Fernando Bustamante on the 1’s and 2’s

I think this was a moment from the first fast song of the night.

A couple Siena peeps reppin their stuff.

For more animated Mike check Jessica and Jason‘s and Natalia & John‘s weddings!

this dude did not leave the dance floor all night!



i don’t even know whats happening here.

A circle usually happens one to two times at a wedding reception… not that night try like 20 times!

Elario Groom, Jason getting his goove on

Pops knows whats up.

we love a bride and groom who dance all night!

and again, Mike will teach you how to dougie.

congrats you two..

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  1. Although I made it to this blog because I am a FB friend and old coworker of Erica Christine's, this very post makes me want to follow your blog from 8 hours away! Love the animated dance shots! Thank you for sharing!

  2. So fun! Clearly there's a dancing gene that runs in Mike's family! These guys know how to have a good time!

  3. OH My Goodness, freakin' LOVE this. looks like it was a fantabulous party. thanks for sharing these pics, JP!


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