erika & tom: hall of springs

Erika & Tom may look familiar to you, their faces debuted on the blog back in November of 2007 from one of our more rememberable and unique engagement shoots, click here if not. Keeping that engagement shoot in mind I decided to blog their images with a more vintage look and feel since that was the theme of their wedding, I’m always trying to tie things together. I remember when Erika and Tom first met with us about their wedding, sitting in my office we knew this was going to be a more unique and fun wedding to capture.

The day was as nice as October can be, the whole weekend was for that matter. The photos at Erika’s grandmothers home were perfect. The ceremony was intimate, a touch of personalized vows is always nice. On Friday when Erika mentioned she wanted to go around back to the cemetery I thought well this is a first and at the same time was like totally into it. We’re always down to step out of the box and have fun with new and different settings or ideas, it keeps us creatively on our toes. Besides the cemetery or graveyard says October as well as some simple pumpkins do.

Enjoy these photos, leave love, check back tomorrow for another blog-



Erika’s mother asked Big Joe to take this shot, the same photo, same spot on her wedding day.














Another fine job on the decor by my fiance, Kris Ann Blanchette owner of Fleurtacious Designs


This first dance was off the hook…



Well done guys.

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