erin & tim’s engagement session

I gotta tell you my friends, I’m all types of excited to share this engagement session with you! I love shooting at unique locations with couples who bring their freaking A -Game! Plus they have a French Bulldog, Lucy, and she was part of the shoot so thats double bonus points right there. This e shoots been in the making for a while but weather and crazy schedules pushed us to late October. I think it was meant to be this way. The colors were off the hook for us and could not have complimented their styles better. As you scroll thru you might say, that guy Tim looks familiar, thats because he’s Natalie’s brother, as in  the famous Elario couple  Natalie & Ryan 😉 However, all eyes will be on the absolutely stunning, Erin. She’s going to make a beautiful bride. I can’t wait to capture their big day next June (even though we’ll probably all miss DMB at SPAC, had to get that in there guys).

Capturing you two was not only easy but extremely fun. I’m honored to be working with the Staples family again (also waiting for the trifecta when its Becky’s turn, uh Carmine, get on that please). Looking forward to meeting Erin’s side in June of 2013.. You guys rock!!!


Meet Erin and Tim..

The bench was great!

Not a bad view huh?

Oh and Miss Lucy. I love when frenchies do the satellite ears!

Could it get more perfect than this??

Lucy.. you’re a rockstar girl.

It just kept getting better!

I love that the fall is so unpredictable and how the colors constantly change. It makes shoots this time of year so unique.

Rocking the Elario Configuration like its their job!

The ivy was one of my favorite spots.

LOVE these images!!!!!

What an awesome spot!!

Wow! Stunning!

This is probably my second favorite spot!

oh and the cubby!! check back later in the year for my behind the scenes post for a funny image in this spot..

Tim’s pretty awesome with that guitar… I love this image, its so them!

How’d he pop the question?? You’re looking at it.

We laughed a lot when shooting this one.

This one’s for Natalie. 😉 (in case it rained, it didn’t but we still had to use it)

and as always my token “bling shot”

and the turnaround! Lucy is cracking me up here!! See you guys soon!

next one

christina & dave: the state room