Rain, rain GO AWAY! On the real, haven’t we all had enough of the rain? It was cute a few weeks ago but the honeymoon is over. Move out, go home and stop raining on our brides and grooms! That being said we still went out and did our thing for Erin and Tim while getting wet and almost blown away by the tropical storm, I think her name was Andrea?

Can I just start out by saying I love these two? I’ve known them since 2010 when Tim’s sister, Natalie (& Ryan) tied the knot. Since then we’ve all hung out and frequented many Dave Matthews Band concerts together, plus they also have a French Bulldog (Lucy) who is awesome.

June 7th, 2013 was Erin and Tim’s big day. We hopped in the car around 9:30am and headed south. Around 12pm we were greeted in the hotel lobby by wedding planner Katie O’Malley and her team! (I’m going to go on a bit of a “I love wedding planners rant here”.) I’ll say without the help from Katie O’ and her team a lot of what we captured would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible. Not only did they have an umbrella everywhere we went, they managed to keep everyone on time and photo fresh. The biggest thing they did was when I had the brilliant idea of bringing Erin and Tim over to this castle on Glen Island in the rain, Katie made sure the bus was ready to go and many umbrellas were there to keep them as dry as possible. Mind you it was raining SIDEWAYS! I certainly could not have done that by myself. I could go on and on but I’ll again remind all you brides and grooms out there how valuable it is to hire a professional wedding planner.

Erin and Tim’s ceremony was great, the music they chose was very much them. I’m sure the church lady would crack me in the knuckles catholic school style with a ruler for saying this but I love when couples tailor their ceremony music around their style and move away from your traditional church music. It’s what we all remember. After the ceremony it was off to the Glen Island Harbour Club for a party! But before all that photos needed to be taken. I believe the rain forced us to get more creative inside and for that reason we all especially love their bridal party photo. Once all photos were done the cocktail hour began and it was time to have fun. Their entertainment, The Jay Biddy Band rocked this one. Again, a perfect fit for Erin, Tim, their friends and family. I very much enjoyed shooting this party.

I’ll wrap up by saying it was an honor shooting our second wedding for the Staples family. You guys are my favs! When the time should come we’re all ready for Becky and Carmine’s, and no it’s not a buy two get one Natalie ;). The Peterson’s as well were such a nice family which makes sense because Erin is such a sweetie. Mr Tim and Erin Staples, we all wish you the best in the years ahead. Here’s to more French Bulldogs (or babies), DMB shows and lots of crazy love. THANK YOU!


Since Lucy wasn’t in the wedding I had to set off the blog with one of my favorites from their engagement session
In the fellas suite on Friday June 7th 2013….
and the ladies, so much more calm. 😉
some bling..
rainy day, rainy shoe shot.

finishing touches in the bridal suite.
holy peonies!
Can we talk about how pretty she is?
Dad’s first look! So sweet.
Ladies, try to refrain from only looking at male model Adam VanDervoort.
Killing it Tim. Love the bow tie.
Almost time..
take a deep breath.
Love these two side by side..
A proud father right there.
All the way from Albany, Fr Doyle in the house!

Peace be witcha 
Mr and Mrs…
The bridal party.
The ladies looking quite lovely.
one mo!
Classic swag my dudes.
A few more of Mrs Staples.
LOVE that one on the right.
Configure it up for me please.
These two know how to work it.
Ok, the making of.. again if you chose not to read my write up I’ll say again with out team KOWE these next two images would not have been possible.
Oh yeah! How could I resist sideways rain and a castle?
My #1 favorite from the day….
For like 5 minutes it stopped raining but the wind was on some other stuff and damn near blew us away so we went back inside.
The ballroom…

Instead of numbers their table names were appropriately names of Dave Matthews Band songs.

She likes!
Party time!!
1st dance..
Love these images!
throw em up, throw em up
A cute moment just before the Tim danced with his Mother, Linda.
The jacket’s off, the the sunglasses are on, it’s officially a party.
Oh how you liking the new Elario Photo Booth drop by drop it MODERN? This ones called Gatsby. I love it!
Some fun moments..
Dudes can to the configuration too!
Future Elario B&G below….
Former Elario B&G who’s expecting too!
and one more.. love you guys, congrats again and again!


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