favorite 2011 wedding (second half)

Are we ready for another contest?? I must say that second half of 2011 had some awesome weddings! In this post you’re going to find one image from each wedding beginning in September of 2011 and ending in December of 2011.

When I ask you to vote for your favorite wedding I mean overall favorite. I want you to look back or remember each wedding from the images below. We’re not just voting for one image but really the whole blog post. There are a total of 20 weddings below and we want to see what was your favorite! Because I’m just crazy about this product the winner will get a Luxe Frame with the winning image inside from my friends at Millers Lab. Who’s going to own the second half of 2011? Go on, get your vote on..

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to cast your vote!

Voting ends Fri February 3rd at 8am. Stay tuned after that for the winner!

** the winner of this contest was Katelynn and Wallen


Amanda and Kevin
Jessica and Jason
Suzanne and Brian
Isabel and Dave
Amanda and Shane
Jamie and Josh
Tammy and Ryan
Katelynn and Wallen
Natalia and John
Natalia and Carlos
Tanya and Dylan
Carley and Bobby
Chelsea and Shawn
Ashley and Brian
Megan and James


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danaea & mike: hall of springs