favorite summer 2010 wedding

Happy New Year! It’s time to pick your favorite summer wedding people. Below I have 16 awesome weddings that took place from June thru August. Be sure to check each individual wedding out by clicking their link. The winner will receive a print wrap of the image I selected below. So get your votes on!!

Since I don’t feel like staying up until midnight and I’ll be ending this contest on Thursday January 6th at 10am! Any vote’s after 10am wont count. I’ll announce the winner that morning. Lastly, you can vote all you want after 10am on January 6th but since I’m ending this at 10am any votes thereafter will not count.


CONTEST IS OVER: At 10am on January 6 Suzanne and Lonnie had 492 votes.

[photosmash layout=’jep_bestof’]

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  1. Close call, Kate and Alex!! You had it until last night 🙁 bummer. You’re the winners in my book!

  2. the colors at night the sky lighting up on the 4th of July the beautiful silk tents handsome groom beautiful bride, gorgeous weather love this one the best.

  3. MICHELE AND CHRIS FOR SURE!!! What a natural picture filled with love!!!!! For sure the best!

  4. This is such a tough contest!!!!! but i made my decision…then made another one… then another one… so fun though 🙂 Good luck to everyone!!!

  5. They are all fantastic shots, but of course I am going with my gorgeous brother Aarona dn sister-in-law Sheila. 🙂

  6. Kate and Alex’s pictures are incredible!! The best summer wedding pictures ever! You are amazing J.P.

  7. I think Kate and Alex look like they should be in a catalog for either Hugo Boss or Ralph Lauren….absolutely awesome!

  8. soo hard b/c i love them all, but I gotta go w/ Kate and Alex! they won me over with their set of the boat ride pictures 🙂

  9. I voted for Missy and Tom, but Kate and Alex were a damn close second. Beautiful photographs!