favorite winter/spring 2010 wedding

Judging from the last contest I know you’re all having fun with the voting blogs. That being said, lets keep it going! Since we shot 11 weddings from January 1st – May 30th I though I’d combine the winter and spring 2010 weddings in this contest. The next two contests will be summer with 16 and fall with 18. So I ask you all to vote for your favorite winter/spring wedding from our 2010 season! Make sure you view their blog post which is linked after the couples name. Keep that in mind when voting. You’re voting for favorite overall wedding, not just the image I posted. The winner will receive a print wrap of the image I selected below. So get your votes on!!

Since I don’t feel like staying up until midnight and I’ll be ending this contest on Tuesday December 21st at 10am! Any vote’s after 10am wont count. I’ll announce the winner that morning. Lastly, you can vote all you want after 10am on December 21st but since I’m ending this at 10am any votes thereafter will not count.


CONTEST IS OVER: At 10am Valerie and Eric had 527 votes and Kristen and Dan had 524

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  1. ok joe we want to feel cool too… no engagement session included, one behind the scenes …. whaaaaa haaa boo hwooo… 🙂