first looks from 2010

First looks are one of my favorite things to shoot. They’re exciting, emotional and all around amazing to shoot. Over the years first looks have become way more popular with our brides and grooms. Last year more than half our couples chose to do a first look. That makes me happy. I used to have to beg people back in 2008 to do these.

In case you might not be familiar with a first look I’ll explain..

What is a first look?
It’s simply when a bride and groom choose to see one another before their actual ceremony begins. Yes it breaks the old school tradition but for all the right reasons. If we all still wanted to be old school then none of you engaged couples would be living with one another before marriage right? Right!

Why should I do a first look?
There are a few reasons. My number one reason for suggesting this to my clients is lighting, lighting, lighting. For example if I have a client who’s getting married at 6:00pm in October this is basically a must. Think about it. When you walk out of the church or whatever the day light is long gone. Same goes for winter weddings and early spring. To simply put it, we can’t do what we do without daylight. Another reason clients consider this is they don’t want to miss their cocktail hour. That makes sense. You’re paying a lot of money for your big day and you should be part of the whole thing. Key word with cocktail hour is “hour”. That hour will fly by, you should be there greeting guests. Sometimes first looks are good to do when you have a ceremony, cocktails and reception all at the same location. The second you walk down the aisle your cocktail hour begins and the clock is ticking. One more reason is nerves. I’ve had more clients tell me they weren’t nervous whatsoever walking into their ceremony because they’ve already seen their husband or wife to be.

How do we do a first look?
It will require a little more time on the front end of the day. Having done so many in the past years I can have a simple conversation with you and determine exactly how much time I think we’ll need to get all the family, bridal party and personal portraits done. Typically on wedding day I’ll usually coordinate this whole thing or have members of the bridal party get the appropriate people. I will say having a wedding coordinator always helps out as well but thats a whole other blog post I’ll get into later.

Do I need to do one?
If you’re getting married for example in June when the days are longer chances are you don’t need to do one, at least for lighting purposes. If you want nothing to do with taking photographs during the cocktail hour then yes.

If you don’t want to do one thats fine, but if it’s a lighting thing I think I’ll press the issue a little more. I just want to give my clients the best photos I can. If you don’t want to miss a minute of your cocktail hour I’d suggest a little buffer in between your ceremony and cocktail hour for photos. I know we can get formal group photos done in some instances under 10-12 minutes max as long as everyone is right there and ready. To be honest they shouldn’t really take any longer. I’d rather spend the bulk of the time I get working one on one with the bride and groom, after all it’s your wedding day. Thanks for hanging on this long. Here are some pretty pictures.


Nick waits patiently while his bride to be approaches..
Chris tries to sneak a peak before he actually turns around.
Sean couldn’t believe his eyes in this one. Kerstin just smiling away like she did all day.

Even the man in uniform gets a little nervous before with fists clenched.
Sarmad wanted to watch his bride approach him…

and then get a good look at how beautiful she was.

I love when the couple has fun with first looks. Bri and Adam, too cute.
Lizzie and Mike’s.. all excitement.

From the distance.. This one feels quiet and calm when I look at it.

On way down she peeked through the window.

Suzzy and Lonnie.. they wanted it very private. It was us, the videographer and wedding planner.
Tracey and Mark couldn’t wait any longer. They just ran at one another. Too cute.
approaches, Jonathan waits.

Shooting so many at the Hall of Springs we mix it up from time to time. With Kara and Mikes I had her outdoors and him come from inside.
Jessica came out the same door as Mike did above however she went right.
Sonia and Carlos in the portico.
Jess and Phil were a HOS wedding although we set things off at a hotel nearby. I love that no matter how cold it was the ladies came outside to watch this.
Neama was so excited to see Clarissa. The series from this one is just awesome.

I love the space we chose for Libby and Adams. So green!

An indoor one. Kristen waits for dan and turns around just in time for him to admire a few steps away.
Stephanies “what do ya think?” look is priceless.
Joe’s jaw drops for Maggie.

This one from Elisabeth and Jon’s wedding screams happiness with all that yellow.
Elaine & Dale. I wanted to jump up and down when I caught this. One of my all time favs..

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