forth of july wedding with connie & peter

WOW! That’s basically the reaction to this one peeps. From the beginning to the end everything that went down at this wedding was just awesome. A stunning bride, a super stylish groom, great families, awesome bridal party, beautiful ceremony, sweet details, top notch two hour cocktail hour, more sweet details, the most awesome tents I’ve ever seen, great entertainment and fireworks that would make the Golub’s jealous. That sums it up!

Lets start from the top though… Normally we do not take weddings on the 4th of July. We work pretty much every weekend all summer so the 4th every year is just a given that we’ll be off. However, we simply could not say no. We knew both the bride and groom from pervious weddings etc plus they’re just a great couple. Peter and his family throw a 4th of July party every year with fireworks, only this time they added one heck of a wedding to the festivities. That being said here we are 2:00pm on July 4th 2010 at Connie’s house ready to roll. Did I mention it was hot? Oooh man, this was a hot one. Like any photographer would we searched outdoors for that perfectly shaded area and when we found it we began photographing Connie and her 10 bridesmaids, 1 junior bridesmaid and 2 flower girls. Now thats a BIG bridal party. Everything was held at Peter’s parents home and he had quite the entourage waiting for us too, 12 groomsmen and 3 ring bearers! WOW! After a ceremony where the sermon was delivered from an iPad (how cool right?) we quickly photographed both families, bridal party and Connie & Peter. However we saved the good stuff of the b & g for when the light was right. The cocktail hour was 2 hours long and their 300+ guests had more than enough food to choose from. Big shout out to Angelo Mazzone, Traci Montanino, Mark Delos and the rest of the team from Mansion Catering for absolutely knocking this one off the charts. Since I’m giving shout outs I would be crazy not mention the tents! WOW again! These tents were the most beautiful tents I’ve ever seen. What makes them so special you ask? Well they’re not your typical vinyl tent. No no, these Sperry Tents are made of sailcloth. They came all the way from New Hampshire by a comany called Sperry Tents Sea Coast. I guess each post is like a whole tree too. I learned that fun fact from this couples florist David Michael Schmidt from Renaissance. David did a great job on all the florals, linens and those porcelain angels. Props to The New York Players for keeping that awesome wooden dance floor rocking all night. Also we shot along side videographer John Tegan from the Clark+Walker team, Johns a fun guy, I look forward to their trailer John so get on it already 😉 ( i know john so i can bust his chops) One link and contact I’m lacking is the firework provider. Please leave that in the comment box if you know who was responsible for the most insane firework display I’ve ever seen at a wedding. I guess that wraps us up here! Connie & Peter, congrats and thank you so much for having us shoot your big day. We are beyond thrilled with this collection of images and I have a feeling you will be too.


Pretty bride, pretty flowers.

Count em up! 10 beautiful bridesmaids, one former Elario bride (jaimee who’s expecting in august congrats guys!) and one current Elario bride (connie)!

Connie, seriously thanks for making my job so hard.

She knows how to work the camera.

Anyone who knows Peter knows this image really captures him. He’s just on the go with rings in hand…

The Amedore boys…

Very stylish guys, I’m digging this dark brown tux.

Ceremony site..

A couple Renaissance details.

She was so happy to see Peter.

Peter was pretty excited too. I love this shot.

Seriously the coolest tents ever.

Delivering his sermon from an iPad while they enjoy a laugh.

Classic Elario double angle.. Big Joe’s 14mm

My 35mm 1.4

A couple guys got together for the 4th of July..

When I captured this I might have screamed with excitement.

How cute are they?

A little attitude,

An awesome cocktail hour with local celeb chef Jamie Ortiz.

Another insanely beautiful tent.

With some Renaissance details..

A first dance..

and a toast. Although there were 300+ people Connies MOH looks like she’s just speaking right to Connie.

I normally don’t blog “kids at weddings” on my site. Why? I just think it’s too easy to post a shot of flower girls. People will always say “awww”. But I just loved this light that scraped through the tent for about 3 minutes.

A little more nice light.

How fun..

Here they have this beautiful house and I take them into the weeds.

My facebook teaser.. I just love this little series.


Forehead kisses..

I think this is in my top 3 from the day.

I had to throw in a b&w.

I asked them to dance.

wow.. just wow.

As the night went on the scenes got prettier..

Then the fireworks came.

Wow. This was an impressive display.

Everyone enjoyed them for at least 20 minutes.

Connie & Peter didn’t move. They just embraced while the sky made magic. I told them forget Price Choppers display of fireworks, next year I’m going to the Amedore home.

Shout out to some blog stalkers! My boys Michael & Matt (both in blue)… thanks for following gentlemen.

In the Elario Photo Booth its a must you jump. Kind of our thing.. We make everyone jump…

even Angelo, he jumps for Elario Photography!

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