In this business I'm fortunate to meet a lot of new people quite often. Some are cool, some are not so cool and some are very special. I'd put "Frenchie" in the very special category...

Back in April I was on the phone with Katie O’ discussing a wedding we had coming up in a couple days. As always I asked Katie who other then herself was working on the wedding. She said something like “oh you’ll get to meet Kelly the French intern who will be with me the next 4 months. Also I think I’m going to call her Frenchie do you think that’s ok?” Cut to April 6th when I first met Frenchie. She said to me in her adorable french accent “I come tu Ah-merrhee-ca tu work fo thee Katie Oh” (sorry I wish you could hear me do it I’ve kinda nailed her accent). Of her 11 weddings she worked with Katie I was fortunate enough to be on 5 of them and got to spend a lot of time with Frenchie. I also got to hang with her at Dining out for Life and random visits to Katie’s headquarters as well as bringing her to her first baseball game in America. We both clicked really well and instantly became pals.

Frenchie then asked me at a wedding in New Rochelle if I would take her picture. It was more like “so we going to do a shoot, I want you to take picture of me” (her English by the way is probably better than mine it’s just that cute French flavor she puts into delivering the words). I was honored and totally down for this! I decided to do our shoot in Troy because that’s the city where her internship took place in, plus I love shooting in Troy. Two nights ago we got together and made the photo shoot happen.

Today is Frenchie’s last day with “thee Katie Oh” so I decided it was only right to dedicate today’s blog post to her! (there is a post on Katie O’s site that frenchie wrote too) This 20 year old girl is going places. She’s smart, determined, fun, personable and all around a beautiful person. I’m glad I got to meet her and will miss her dearly. We all love ya, Frenchie and hope to see you soon.

à bientôt!

Here are a couple behind the scenes photos of us this season.. She saved my butt with those umbrellas…
We brought her to a Valley Cat’s game and showed her an American pastime..
I met her at Katie O’s headquarters in Troy NY before we began our shoot..
I think Katie O would be a pretty cool boss to work for huh? (ps. isn’t her space adorable?)
Now onto our little session… Loved her curls..
I love these two images together.
All we did was laugh while we took these photos..
I’m in love with these two b&w’s
Ahhh… the light..
You’re so pretty, Frenchie.
and fun…
and a total goofball at times.. i love this series..
As Katie would say, she sparkles. Thank you for having me capture you.
and of course the turnaround..


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