fun in the studio…

Did I mention we have a studio? Anyway… every now and then we goof around here at joe elario photography, its not always business. My friend Mike Goubeaux was in town this past weekend visiting from LA and he wanted to have me take some snaps of him for his website. After I showed him the popular “side lighting” style pix of my father & myself that can be found here on our bio page that was what he wanted. Mike, Lisa Jubert (who helps us out quite a bit) & myself all went to collage down in Savannah, GA (SCAD) so we all decided to get together and take fun goof ball type pix its been a tradition since 2002.

On a side note, a thought crossed my mind on doing more engagement shoots this style because its hip, trendy & you don’t see other people doing it yet which makes me kind of apprehensive about even posting my ideas here, just remember where you heard/saw it first 😉 But I need you readers to leave me some comment love simply telling me if it would be something YOU would be into. Step up, don’t be shy.

peace –

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