fun photo booth pics!

With the wedding season winding down I thought I’d switch up my blog posts and throw something different in the mix. Those who’ve been following my blog for the last year and a half know about the Elario Photo Booth. Well if not, it’s something we offer to your wedding experience. What I love about the photo booth are the funny and interesting photos you come home with. The guests absolutely love it and completely bug out. I exclusively use drop it MODERN backdrops. I first found this company at a trade show back in 2009 and it was love at first sight. Seriously, I have nothing but love for these backdrops! So anyway to break up the constant wedding after wedding after wedding posts of late I thought I’d share some of my favorite Elario Photo Booth images from 2010..


From Danielle & Neal’s summer wedding. This backdrop is called Poppy.. It’s my favorite for summer weddings. Such a fun color and design. I just think this image is hilarious because everyone is doing their own thing.

I whip my hair back and forth… Sorry Willow Smith we were doing this long before you came out with that song.

This guy was having a little too much fun with the whole jumping thing.

Glad to see Neal kept his coat on. 😉


I just thought this dudes frames worked all too well with the bow tie and cigar.

This is my original photo booth backdrop. It’s called Soho. Sometimes I jump in a shot..

This one of my top 3 favorites from the whole season. I love all the color.

Anytime you can stop motion in the photo booth it makes for a very interesting image.

Carlos is hilarious in this one. Sonia is just like whatever he’s crazy.

This one is called Vintage and it’s become on of my new favorites. I share this image because a common question my bride might ask is how colors look against them. There is all kinds of colors in this image. It works!

Oh I’m sorry you’re not ready yet?

Jamie chose this one because she knew her bridesmaids would look good against it. Anyone going to argue with me on that?

Eamon was just off the chain in the booth that night. I wish I could share them all..

This is my personal favorite. It’s called Sea Horse. I used it at my own wedding. Don’t Elaine and Dale look so cute?

Sometimes a dry erase board makes it out.

And some blog stalkers do as well..

If you see Elaine and Dale’s newborn photos on my blog in 9 months you can thank this family. (no pressure)

I dont know about you but I think this should be their holiday card.

The jump is always the best! You must jump in our photo booth.

I don’t know where the shades came from but I love it.. This image is full of fun color!


Still whipping their hair…

Don’t you want to know what was so funny?

Caught highjacking the shot and a cider doughnut.

More fun color in front of Sea Horse.

I love that this dude lost his lens..

Easily cracks me up every time I see this one.

I always try to get in one with the couple.

Kristin brought empty frames along…

as well a sea otter..

I have a whole outtakes blog coming at a later date.. here’s a teaser from it.

And of course If I believe in something I’ll do it at my own wedding… Our photo booth rocked. Doesn’t Kris Ann look beautiful?

because I love these backdrops so much I thought I’d share where I get them. Click below and drop it like its hot.

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elaine & dale: franklin plaza