When planning my 3rd personal project with the ladies at Angela’s Bridal all I knew was I wanted to shoot in the snow and use one of these amazing chairs (available for your weddings 😉  from Fleurtacious Designs. I’ve also tried to keep these shoots very “Albany” since Angela’s Bridal is located in downtown Albany. It wasn’t until the day of the shoot I actually knew where I was shooting. Thankfully the weekend prior to our shoot we had a mega snowstorm which gave me a pretty awesome canvas to work with. The crew from Make Me Fabulous was on this one again and as always they nailed my vision, I loved the way these 4 ladies hair and makeup turned out. Shooting in the snow and freezing weather when your subjects are wearing next to nothing can be tough. As a photographer (and also a nice guy) I wanted to make sure these ladies were comfortable and warm so I tried to work as quickly as possible. For example the image above was shot in one minute and thirty seconds, from first frame to last frame. Talk about working quick!

Before I stop typing I just wanted to thank Janet and Jessica from Angela’s Bridal again for helping put this shoot together for me. I also want to thank Alayne and her team from Make Me Fabulous for always delivering glam! And last but certainly not least, Brit, Krista, Alexandra and Olivia for braving the freezing cold weather and absolutely knocking it out of the park.  So without anymore jabber from me lets see these images.


We set off the shoot in front of the park playhouse in Washington Park…

I love all the color at this spot..

Alexandra was the first subject for the solo shots… I love that image on the right..

Stunning in both color and b&w..

one more in front of this location..

Brit (aka Miss Hudson Valley) has been on all 3 shoots I’ve done with Angela’s and always brings it..

Looking pretty darn good with her feet literately in the snow! 

A great vantage point in the park..

Looking stunning, Krista!

She has those eyes that pull you right into the frame.

Oh I love this.. LOVE IT!

How about these blue tones in Olivia’s images? Pretty sweet!

Stop making it easy for me!

My whole vision with this shoot was this amazing chair in the snow… the lighting in this image was beautiful…

but the lighting in this one takes the cake! I love everything about this one. That’s a wrap! Thanks again to everyone! 


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