A couple weeks ago my friend and colleague, Sean Willcoxon of Mazzone Hospitality and I had lunch and after that he and Emily Simmons gave me a tour of  their new venue, 90 State Events which is located in downtown Albany. This place is gorgeous and with out a doubt will host some amazing weddings in the years ahead. I’m excited to shoot a wedding here. In my opinion, this room has that Hall of Springs jaw dropping feeling when you walk in and not to mention can fit 375 people for a wedding and 500 for a cocktail party (and they are booking weddings now). This is the kind of place this area has needed for years! It wasn’t until they showed me the view from upstairs when the lightbulb in my head went off that I should do the shoot I was working on with Angela’s Bridal at 90 State Events. After touring the venue I simply walked up State St and floated the idea to the ladies at Angela’s who of course were all for it.

A week ago today in the craziness of fall weddings and shoots 8 lovely ladies sat in the Make Me Fabulous chairs and were made even more fab than they showed up looking to begin with. Janet, Jessica and the ladies of Angela’s Bridal took my idea of bridesmaids in all different dresses (inspired from this wedding) and ran with it. We even decided to throw in one amazing bride in a ballroom gown for the icing on the cake. I could not be happier with the way these images turned out. I love these little creative projects! None of this would not be possible without the help and support of Angela’s Bridal for casting our models and putting them in their amazing dresses, Alayne Curtis and her girls from Make Me Fabulous for banging out 8 heads of awesomeness in record times and of course 90 State Events for opening their doors to us!

I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I do.. These young ladies killed it as they always do and deserve a round of applause! Thank you ladies, you’re all stunning and welcome in front of my lens any time!


We’ll set it off with this one.. after all when you step into this venue this is the first thing you see… quite impressive.

DeAnna always crushes her shoots..

I especially loved her hair..

The amazing bride for todays shoot, Samantha… isn’t this to die for?

Little Becca working it like it’s her JOB!

Before the rest of the ladies showed up I had these three lovelies so I setup this one.. I love it.. 

Miss Allie.. simply stunning in b&w.. that’s a detail of the amazing ceilings in this place. 

Allie was also in the shoot I did this summer with Angelas.. (the image is at the bottom of this post)

In the vault…

Steph… beautiful.  

The views this room has are just outrageous, not to mention it gets some pretty great natural light… I love these images of Steph.

Another favorite of them outside the vault.. inside this vault is huge too! What an awesome bridal suite it could be at a wedding..

Michelle.. her headpiece was so awesome. I’d love to see more of this look on bridesmaids… seriously, why not?

Michelle never disappoints, she too was on the shoot from this past summer.

another top favorite from the session.. these girls are just awesome!

Brit… she loves the camera and the camera loves her right back..

Such a beautiful smile too.. 

I’d put this image in my top 3 favorites from this shoot… I love everything about it.

If you get married here this is a must get shot in my opinion, ya heard it here first.. Sam worked that gown like it was her own.. off the chain, Sam.

I cannot tell you how many bridal parties I’d love to lock up (just kidding… sort of.. 😉 This b&w is wild to me. I love it.

Boardwalk Empire anyone? Crystal’s look was so fun… (this room is one of their bridal suites)

I don’t even know what to say!

Easily my #1 favorite from the whole session… I love it. 

I had to throw in this one from this past summer… this image is probably one of my most favorite images I’ve ever produced… 11 beautiful ladies in beautiful downtown Albany… 


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