Genevieve & John’s Troy Engagement Photos

My friends! I’m thrilled to be sharing Genevieve and John’s engagement session today. We captured this in Troy which just continues to be such a great place to shoot! Genevieve and John really made my job a breeze last week as you will see. I couldn’t be happier with this collection of images. We’re all stoked for September 22, 2018! Until then enjoy these images.


Meet Genevieve and John..  off to a good start here

Love that smile, Genevieve.

When Tiffany Pinero styles your shoot..

The swag was so on point.

work it!

Lovely light to start the second half…


A little different spin on the Troy mural..

Absolutely perfect lighting too!

My token “bling shot”!

and the turnaround.. see you guys next September!

wait one more.. love these!!! (shout out to Plum Restaurant & Bar!!)

next one

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