I’m so excited to share this wedding with you all! Why? Well for starters its a new venue, well sort of new to us. We’ve actually shot there once before and in fact thats how Gina and Mike found us. Ah the power of a blog! I’m also excited to share this one because I love all the images! None of us ever met Gina and Mike until the day of the wedding but I truly felt we were all good friends by the end of the day. They were that kind of couple!

So Friday June 8th 2012 was a day and we hit the road early and headed south. We set things off at The Double Tree Hotel in Tarrytown. In the bridal suit was our girl, Gina and like 500 bridesmaids, ok so maybe 10 to be exact! These girls were stuffing their freshly made up faces with pizza, yeah I’m calling you out, Jaclyn! Anyway we then bounced downstairs to a nicely shaded area for some bridal portraits. Little did I know our bride Gina was there to bring it! Seriously she was super comfortable in front of a camera. It was too easy for us. After our session with the ladies we headed to the boogie down Bronx to Our Lady of the Assumption Church to meet up with Mike and company. I gotta tell you they know how to move things along in this church. Once these two were married it was back North to The Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown. I remember how awesome this place was last time and it didn’t disappoint this time around. The staff there is on point and seriously top notch. For example when people take their seating cards as they enter cocktail hour a staff member is there cleaning up the gaps and empty spaces from the cards taken away. Thats just bonkers yo! I have to give a shout out to the decor peeps because the place was beautifully decorated by X-Quisite Flowers & Events. Well done! You’ll see some of the good food from their amazing cocktail hour below as well as some of the good light that happened too! After the cocktail hour was over the ballroom opened and it was a non stop party thanks to DJ David Swirsky of Expressway Music. Seriously the DJ rocked it and had the floor packed from the first dance on and in between every course. He never even left his DJ booth! While we’re shouting out people I’d be crazy not to give my man Kaipo Schwab of 15 Minutes of Fame some love. I always worry when we work with a cinematographer we haven’t worked with yet just because you don’t know if they’ll use a ton of light or try to be the next “Martin Scorses” and start directing shots and messing with the mojo all while getting in the way. Not Kaipo, he was a pleasure to have around and I’m looking forward to seeing what they put together from this wedding. One more thank you to our girl Hayden Yund for assisting us on this one.

Really it was an awesome day, a super fun bunch to work with and just a wonderful couple. Gina and Mike, thanks for having us come down and capture your day. I hope our images prove to all you downstate people that we here in Albany, NY are anything but “country folk”. 😉 Haha. We can’t thank you enough! I wish you both decades of happiness, heath and love!!


We’ll set if off with the bling..

A dress that drops jaws and some sparkly shoes.

Meet Gina, this is when I did too! (makeup by Sadah Saltzman)

What a fun bunch! See the pizza box? 😉

A glimpse at our bride getting ready..

So pretty.. I was loving the grey.

Bring it in!

Bouquets by X-Quisite Flowers & Events

Here she is! Wow!

Like I said in my writeup, it was too easy.

Meanwhile, in the Bronx.. “All white like I got the whole thing bleached” ps the phantom was hot!

Inside was Mike and his boys.

Hand tied bow tie and purchased tux is how Mike does it. Well done player.

I love this series with Gina and her father, Jerry.

Mr & Mrs..

We decided to shoot the bridal party image out front of the Tappan Hill Mansion.. Love this place!

Working the Elario configuration..


Inside the foyer is just amazing.

Seriously the place is gorgeous.

Ah! Love it.

This is why people get married here.

After this we took a break and waited for the light to calm down a bit…

That way they could enjoy this sweet cocktail hour..

About 30-40 minutes later the light and sky got real nice!

After I captured this, I took a pic of the back of my camera and  instagramed this with the caption “reason #829 why i shoot weddings. i live for this stuff.” ps you should follow me (jpelario) on instagram 😉

my facebook teaser..

One more..

The beautiful Tappan Hill Mansion..

more details..

Entering the ballroom!

One of my favorites from their first dance..

and just one glimpse of their party.. congrats you two!!!

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  1. Some of the best “light” images ever!! The one of their silhouettes — I can’t stop scrolling back up to look at it! What a great, and fun looking couple. 🙂

  2. Love new(er) places. I remember that from Libby and Adam’s wedding 🙂 Great stuff.
    I’m loving that deer you guys caught a pic of btw…
    So looks like the energy was on from the start! That is a lot of bridesmaids in one room! Their dresses are elegant, very pretty on all of them.
    Gina looks just beautiful! With the veil and dress, it reminds me a bit of Mel last year right?
    Love the shots of Gina and dad pre-ceremony! And those outdoor shots are GORGEOUS with the light!!!
    Oh and the cars??? Siiiiiiiick! 🙂

    This was beautiful. I love seeing the comments below on this one btw… clearly you guys impressed… as always. 🙂

    Sorry I would write more, but I’m in a bit of an allergy fog. I feel like one of those people on a zyrtec commercial… 🙂

  3. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was working with you and your team. These photos are among the best i’ve seen…I’m not surprised you were all on every shot and so attentive to everything that was going on. Thank you so much for your kind words in the blog. Isn’t this job the best when you have a bride and groom like Gina and Mike?!!!! Hope to work with you guys again…..

  4. JP, Joe and Hayden – thank you so much for helping us to relive this amazing
    day over and over again – love every one of these pictures! Having you with us was like being with family all day – you are the best! Congrats to our kids! xxxooo

  5. Wow! Jp, Joe and the Elario crew- I couldn’t imagine this day being any more perfect than it was. With your amazing pictures, anyone can see that now. You guys felt like members of the family. Who thought taking pictures could be -dare I say it- fun!?!? Thank you for making our day so special!

  6. these pics are the best I’ve ever seen…what a couple!!!! Congrats again Mike & Gina!!!

  7. . . hey , JP said it all very nicely . Beautiful Couple & Families & Friends at a beautiful church & a wonderful location .
    gotta tell ya , both dads being my contemporaries – are the kind of guys I grew grew up with . . .sharp as we used to say !

  8. Off.the.chain! Love the grey, so full of swag. Only the Elario’s can meet a couple on their wedding day and make them comfortable enough to get shots like these. Congrats!

  9. Love this location, it’s amazing!! All the stone detailing on the inside and out plus it’s nice to change things up a bit. Those outside images are beautiful & I’m loving the bling shot & those bridesmaids dresses!

  10. love the pictures of them out on the balcony and the one of the sunset is just awesome!! looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

  11. This pictures are simply amazing!! They truly captured the essence of the day! Thanks for the shot out I feel like a celebrity 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  12. Jp, Joe and Hayden- We are just so excited to see our day come to life. I knew when I stumbled on your blog over a year ago that we had found our wedding photographers. We had so much fun hanging with you guys and, as expected, the images are incredible.

    Can we do it again?!?! 🙂

  13. Gina and Mike a dream come true! All the beautiful memories captured in these gorgeous pictures God BLess!

  14. These pictures are awesome! I teared up viewing them!! I am so happy to be a part of this special day! Congratulations to my cousins Gina & Mike! xoooxxxo

  15. I can picture SO MANY of these as awesomely large metal prints for their walls. There are too many to pick just one favorite.