gita & ardavan: an urban engagement session

I just love this engagement session! It’s got all those good things going on that I love to shoot. The couple, Gita & Ardy are west coast peeps who happened to be in town for Mona’s & Andrew’s wedding. Gita is Mona’s sister and she contacted me shortly after Mona & Andrews engagement session with a request to do something similar to hers. This is quite a compliment seeing as there are a ton of talented photographers and beautiful locations in Los Angeles. Obviously Gita & Ardy would be in town for Mona’s wedding so we planned on shooting that week. The results below are just great. I keep getting all these beautiful couples to photograph and its just fantastic! Not to mention style, these two got it going on! Thanks guys I really had a fun time photographing you both and wish you the best when its your turn to tie the knot. BTW, I’ll come out to LA!

Enjoy, leave love,

How does a shoot start with light like this?

With all that red, I could not resist this wall. My fav from the first set.

This spot right here is my new favorite piece of canvas in downtown Albany.

Talk about time pieces. I love that Gita rocks a mens Rolex Explorer II with the white dial. More ladies should rock big watches. Ardy’s choice of the IWC Pilot is just awesome. I love that one too! This shot works too because Ardy’s a “right wrist rocker”… I just made that up.

Change of clothes and scenery…

Clean, simple b&w. I love Gita’s hair down too!

This is easily my fav from the second set…

How is it that this light was just bouncing off a window? Come on! That was a freebie!

You’re not in LA anymore!

I’ve never seen someone appreciate the fall leaves and color while shooting this time of year.

Here’s my token “bling shot”! With all those diamonds I felt like I had my pupils dilated!

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all kinds of stuff coming…