gown shoot part 1: kaylea

So after my much needed vacation in the fl keys it was back to another day in the office (I wish they were all this fun). So for a while now I have been chatting with Kristina & Pamela from Cameo Couture about doing some sweet studio shots of their gowns. By the way if you don’t know about Cameo Couture you better check them out, their gowns are off the hook. Of course we wanted the hair & makeup done by none other than Alayne & her crew from Make Me Fabulous. Seriously this operation is no joke & the most popular with our brides. I have to ad Alayne & her crew are always ON TIME and never eat into our shooting time when work together, this is something you future brides who frequent here should look into. The flowers done by DUH… my girlfriend Kris Ann Blanchette owner of Fleurtacious Designs, you need flowers from Fleurtacious Designs. Oh yeah throw a model named Kaylea into the mix and this is what you get. When we were looking for models it was unanimous votes for Kaylea & Mariah. Kaylea did a great job and photographed beautifully as expected.

You gotta check back soon for Mariah’s pictures. One blog wasn’t enough for this big shoot. In fact there might be a third blog too with out takes and behind the scenes type stuff!


psst! click the images for some nice larger pix

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