grace & wyatt

Hey friends!! Today I’ll be sharing two little cuties on the blog. You might remember them from this post back in January of 2011. Anyway it was time for another photo shoot with these two. Their Mother, Mary contacted me and said she wanted to go back to the spot I photographed her and Grace at 4 years ago. Only this time including their newest addition, Wyatt. I just love these images. Really. Whats not to love about them?


Little Grace, growing up!! So pretty!

A stunner for sure.

Mr Wyatt.. Loving his face on the left image.

This images reminds me of one I took 4 years ago with Mary and Grace.

4 years ago..

I love this one!

How precious?

Some nice lighting too.

Mary actually maintains these gardens so this is a special place.

We’ll end with this one…

next one

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