hayden’s 2012 photo booth picks!

I'm back and bringing you some of my faves from the 2012 season. My second year on the Elario team was full of awesome couples, families and weddings. The photobooth is such a great addition to the night and you'll see why, people really let loose!!! Newlyweds love looking back at the photobooth images and seeing how much fun their guests had together. This year I pulled my favorite guest shots that show all the reasons why the booth is a must!!

I am so excited for 2013!!! Bring on the fun, wild and beautiful people ready to have a great time in the booth!

The alumni shot!

Girls rule

He said, “hey we match!” How could I not keep him company?

It’s always fun to see the bridal party and their dates take photos together.

Uh oh!! These two!

You find out just how creative your friends can be, or flexible in this case!

And sometimes the action falls right out of the booth!

Best jump shot of the year!

Photo booth pros from last year, they never disappoint!

The frame is my favorite prop, hi Kristi and R!

Love his ensemble!

Sometimes industry royalty get to be guests too!!

A big thank you to Erica’s mom for getting the photo booth as a surprise!

Elario couple expecting!

Just a great group shot!

Daddy’s girls <3

Donna!!!!! Jamie and Jim pulled her right in!

Janelle and Dennis had awesome props!


Hey Jamie!!!

Jumping through the frame!

Rrrrrawr! I think it was a full moon this night!

This couple shared a loooooong kiss



Kids always get crazy in the booth fun before they pass out!

Couples always have a little fun takings pics

A fun family photo

She had us all in stitches!

Saw a few sporting the wet suit in 2012 but the super stylish Big Joe had it first!!!

Beautiful bridesmaids

Hand tied is a must!

Love these two! I’m so excited to work your wedding!!! 

Hi Jenny! Looking amazing in yellow.

Fun props!!!!

Workin’ it


When my boss wants coffee, I get him coffee!

Don’t call him PJ!

Prom shot perfected

Aussie group shot!

She got very creative!


One word…..Amazing!!!!

A great family group shot

Getting wild

These two kept me laughing all night!

Table mug shot

She shimmied through that frame and showed everyone her wild side!



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