Saturday March 9th speaking at WPPIU
2:00-3:00pm – “Rock Your Market” (sponsored by Miller’s Lab)

Monday March 11th
11:30 – 12:00pm – Speaking at the Miller’s Lab / mpix pro booth on
4:00 – 5:30pm – Platform Class! “Get your blog on (and then some)”  (bring biz cards for giveaways)

Tuesday March 12th
Sporadically hanging at the drop it MODERN booth. Can’t wait to see all their new drops!
Sporadically hanging Miller’s Lab/ mpix pro booth.

Aside from my scheduled stuff I’d love to hang and meet you all while we’re all in Vegas. Hit me up on FB or twitter if you wanna meet up!

Some fun things I’ve heard of are:

Madera party at the PALMS (i think its invite only but we’ll be there with the drop it MODERN crew)

The Knot’s cocktail party at Rouge (at MGM) 4-6pm. Gonna try and hit that up
Miller’s Lab party at West Wing Bar (invite only) 9-11pm. You know we’re there
Lazers & Blazers Party – probably heading there after Miller’s event. Location to be announced the day of, they think its cool to toy with type-A people.
WPPI Pool Party – They want you to wear all white (gag). I’m undecided on this one, might stop by for a few. its 9:30pm – 11:30pm.

Wednesday: ?? anything going on?

Here’s one image from my platform class last year. 

Speaking at the mpix pro booth last year.


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