heather & mike: saratoga national golf club

Ok folks its no stoppin’ over here! You ready for another wedding that was off the chain? Thought so! Ok so lets hop right into this May 19th 2012 wedding of, Heather & Mike. Big Joe and myself set the day off at different locations. He began at Heather’s fathers incredible home with the fellas and I began at the Springwater Bed & Breakfast in Saratoga Springs with the lovely ladies. I suggest you all check out that place because it sure beats the hotel rooms! On the scene again was wedding coordinator Christine Wheat. This May we shot 6 weddings and 5 of them have been with wedding coordinators! LOVE IT! After both myself and Big Joe finished at our locations we met up at Saratoga National Golf Club to find a stunning ceremony tent by David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design. As always Mr David Michael Schmidt (because you must say all three names) brought his “A Game” and designed a wonderful event for Heather and Mike. After the ceremony cocktails started flowing on the new terrace at SNGC. Some of the staff wore gondola outfits too(you’ll see below)! Once the party began myself and the film crew from Clark + Walker Studio waited for that good light and boy did we get it! I love the sunset shots from this wedding! Every time you turned your head there was a surprise or something wonderful happening. The fireworks were bananas too and of course the New York Players packed the floor! What a wedding! Heather and Mike, so happy to have been part of your special day. You guys are so fun! I hope your Mediterranean cruise treats you well! Congrats!


The men getting dressed at Heather’s father, Tony’s incredible home.

A nice Burberry watch, a gift from Heather to Mike. She needed to match the tie! 😉

A nice relaxed shot of the fellas…

How about the Manolos?

Getting beautified by Make Me Fabulous.

Heather got her gown from Something Bleu Bridal and Denise (of Something Bleu) helped dress her.

Love this shot!

So pretty, Heather!

The brides pretty flowers by Renaissance Floral Design

Hey ladies!


The ceremony tent at SNGC by Renaissance Floral Design

Mike’s first look..

This ones funny..

Mr & Mrs…

We shot our formal photos in the tent because it looked so pretty..

I don’t normally blog the formal bride and groom shot but I happened to love this one..

My friends in their cute uniforms. 🙂

I want that drink right about now..

Upstairs, the ballroom by Renaissance Floral Design I love the center dance floor. A must have if you’re putting a live band in that room (just my opinion)

An amazing cake by Debbie Coye.

One more..

some bling..

Party time!


Ok so we’re bout to get into some sweet sunset pics..

my facebook teaser.

With all that warm color, it was hard to commit to this in b&w but ultimately I love it this way..


This fence line is off the heeeeezy! I was screaming while shooting these!

OOOOOOHH The color!

I love this stuff. love it!

ok.. one more..

Working the config

I do love this one too!

How bout them fireworks?

New York Players pack another dance floor.. Congrats you two!

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