Hilary & Mike’s Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding

Finally a rain free wedding!!! No threat of rain, no talk of rain, just good weather and a great looking couple. It's about time huh?

We set off the day at Glen Sanders Mansion in the bridal suite. In the house was Katie O’ and team along with the ladies of Make Me Fabulous. Hilary was ready to rock and looked awesome I might add. The interesting thing about this wedding was it was suppose to be at a different church. Then on Thursday evening at their rehearsal when they walked into their original church there was scaffolding from wall to wall. Yes the couple was aware of the “proposed construction” however, I guess it was not suppose to be as big of a mess as it was. I’m sugar coating this folks. Well whatever, the original church had another church as a backup plan so it all worked out. Thanks for team KOWE (katie o weddings and events) for executing the move with less than 24 hours notice. That’s right not one guest went to the original church. It’s situations like this that make me praise wedding planners and all that they do. If you were Hilary and Mike on the night of a rehearsal would you want to spend that evening calling every guest with this news? Nope! That’s why you leave it to the pros my friends! Thanks for listening and back to our originally scheduled blog post…..

Once the knot was officially tied we headed to the Stockade section of Schenectady with the bridal party, Al Woodard and team KOWE. We captured some awesome images quickly before getting these guys back to their cocktail hour. Once the party began it didn’t end thanks to DJ Fernando of Piano Man. It was a blast and as always the staff at Glen Sanders Mansion knocked it out the park.

Hilary and Mike, thank you both for having us capture the big day! You’re both a super fun couple and quite easy to photograph as well. I hope your years ahead are filled with happiness and love. Congrats again.



Some bling and a stunningly fabulous bride.

Meanwhile downstairs the fellas get ready… Mike opens his new time piece, a gift from Hilary.

Looking good!

Loved her viel.

Pretty ladies..

Ah the lovely bouquet by none other than Fleurtacious Designs!

Too easy to photograph.

The fellas…

Looking dapper my man..

Hilary and Dad on deck..

Love this one!!

and this…

tying the knot… beautiful church huh? plus it’s air conditioned (bonus)

Mr & Mrs…

The bridal party..

Seriously could it have been more perfect of a day? They’re really at a premium this season!

So cute..

Hi we’re just going to take picks in front of your home…

ah yeah, bling it in.

configuration time!

One of my favorites from the stockade shoot…

When light like this sprinkles through I scream with joy.

The Glen Sanders Ballroom by Fleurtacious Designs.. 

A few more on the GSM grounds..

pretty light, all is right.

again another favorite here!

ok time to party!

1st dance..


such a fun reception!

Gatsby again!! LOVE this new drop it MODERN backdrop!

Super cute photo booth signs made by Jenny C Designs! Get yours! Congrats you guys!


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