history on the elario configuration

Aaaaah the configuration… This is a funny post because this whole configuration thing is kinda random and a bit silly. For the record I don’t own this pose at all. Sure I attached my name to it for fun back in 2009 but really its just something that happened and I’m almost superstitious about not capturing this image now. It’s funny because it grew into this thing where my awesome clients anticipated it during a shoot and some even said they practiced it. So like my post on the history of my bling shot I thought it would be fun to share how this came about.

Way back in 2009 I found myself shooting couples and sort of posing them in a way where the girl was behind the guy kinda cuddling on his shoulder. I wanted to show the bling though, so I tried having the girl place her hand over the arm but I wasn’t sold yet. Then it happened, everything clicked and I got into this groove with this pose. But I dislike the word “pose” and the thought of “posing” people. So at the time some of my clients and colleagues who followed the blog noticed this “Elario pose” and commented about it to me. Then I started doing this more and more but it wasn’t until I was writing Maggie and Joe’s engagement shoot post and inserting my image comments until the name “Elario Configuration” was born. You’ll see below how it was born below.

So thats it! Its just a fun little thing that evolved into this “must get image” for both my clients and myself. Theres been over 180 “Elario Configurations” captured since 2009 to present day. How fun right? Anyway hope you all enjoyed todays Elario Photography history lesson.

This is a screen shot from Maggie and Joe’s e shoot blog…. this text is how the name “Elario Configuration” was born.

Here is the actual image of their configuration

again at their wedding


Next I chose some of my favorites from the past. Jessica & Jeff had a beautiful wedding, its worth a look back.

When I do this shot I try to shoot into the light which is what I did her with Amanda & Shane. Something about the backlit config..

sometimes I’ll even chop the dudes head off, sorry Tony but Polina said it was ok 😉

Suzanne & Brian in NYC on the high line. 

Carlos is super happy in this configuration. 

Chris aka Mr GQ rocking the config like its no ones biddnizz 


The famous Elisabeth & Jon rock the config!


Its all about Jessica in this one… 

This was an interesting one with Melissa & Dave since he’s like 50 feet tall and she’s 5’2″. Fact, Melissa was on a stair or two while Dave stayed on the ground.


Chelsea and Sean were one of those couples who fell into it perfectly at both their wedding and  engagement

I like how Sara is looking at Eddie here.

One from Lindsay and Chris’ engagement  and   wedding

and of course Danaea & Mike’s this one hangs on our wall in the studio.

So no one feels left out and because this is so cool!!! 184 configs!!!! BOOM!!!

next one

best of the bridesmaids