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how’d i miss that? weddings 2011

Ok in this post you’ll be seeing some pics I didn’t blog from last year weddings. This images are so getting me pumped for the season! I can’t wait to get out there with my new toys and start shooting again! I hope you all enjoy this little compilation blog!



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We’ll set it off with Natalia and John.. I love the tone of this image, its like perfect with that veil she’s rocking…

I loved the muted color in this.. it actually had just rained too.
A July silhouette at SNGC..

You might remember this couple from “An Elario Wedding”
Tiffany all stuffed into that classic car.. So cute.

Troy, NY never looked so good..
Tina’s fathers dope ride..

later on that day we had some laughs..

You cannot get anymore than this..

I love this one.. little Melissa.. I think she was standing on a log in her heals.. πŸ˜‰

Did I mention is was like 198,094,809,743 degrees that day? They look cool as cucumbers..

Some awesome Louboutin’s waiting to be broken in..
One of my favorite spring weddings last year..

They look so happy while its being made official..

Most swagg of the year goes to these two… they was dripping swagu

You would never know there was a hurricane behind me..

Union College has the prettiest chapel of them all..

When Hurricane Irene strikes and your wedding goes off with no problems you celebrate!

fun with the tilt shift at Lindsay and Anthony’s May wedding..
Marie and Chris in the plush green grass at national..
straight rocking it on her cold November day..

Love this one of Megan in that gorgeous home..

Oh hey Mel!
Love this shot …

The Sagamore is one of my favorite venues ever..

This is how a bride and groom look when I tell them we’re about to make some incredible images..

Loving this one of Julia and Greg at ACC

How pretty is this light?

This is special because I got married in this exact same spot two years ago last month..  also went for what I call the “sideways ceremony” at the Canfield Casino.

If you’re getting ready in Saratoga Springs you should totally check out  The Springwater Bed & Breakfast . The place is amazing and so nice..
Kristina and Mom laugh it up before she’s about to walk down the aisle.. such a nice moment.

Ahhh this is to shoot in at Congress Park.

Whats so funny Izzzz?

Happy 1 year to these two!

Sometimes when I’m photographing a dress the bride and her sister think its funny to photo bomb me.. Maybe we can recreate this shot at Jessica’s (right) wedding this November?

This shot is like pure relaxation.. at this point of the day you’re married, you’ve had your first dance, toasts and you can just enjoy the moment.
obviously enjoying this moment in the park.. again its one of those moments when it all calms down and you can just relax…

this is the calm before the storm… see their blog to see what I’m talking about..

More beautiful scenes in Troy..

A bride and groom seeing their amazing room for the first time..

Caught Amanda and Shane checking the clock.. Wedding days fly by. Anyone will tell you that!

Nothing goes better with a hand tied bow tie than some Ray-Ban’s..
the parade everyone was so worried about πŸ˜‰
a bunch of awesome people to brave the rare October snow storm.. What will this year bring? We shall see…..


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