how’d i miss that?

What up peeps? This is a fun post right here. I thought I’d title it “how’d i miss that?”. Everyone who follows this blog knows my wedding or engagement session posts can run long. There’s a reason for that and thats because I think there are just so many great images to blog. Sometimes after I blog something I look back on the event a month or two later and say to myself, “I should have blogged that.”  So here are some images I should have blogged from 2009.


When I viewed this image the second time around I loved it. It became an instant new favorite from their session.

How I did not blog this one boggles my mind. The color is just ridiculous.

This should happen at every wedding.

I love this spot in Troy. I could have shot the whole session here.

The Canfield Casino made such a sweet backdrop for this winter wedding.

Everything about this image makes me smile for Melissa & Jerome’s September wedding.

The yellow in this pic is almost as awesome as this bride & groom.

Here is what we call that good good light.

At this wedding the light was doing some nice stuff. Rain was on the way, had this couple not opted for a first look we would missed this moment because on their way out of church umbrella’s covered their heads.

How could you not just love this engagement session?

I picked 2 because I could have picked 22 more from this one.

This one sums up this couple in a nutshell. Really all thats missing are Yankee hats and DMB tickets.

I had to throw her in. Mona rocks!

But Andrew rocks too. All couples should laugh like this.

I love this color palette. Stay tuned for their bling shot.

Its funny to think two days before their wedding I froze my but off. Late in their wedding day resulted in some of that good good light.

These guys tie the knot 21 days after I do. Same location too! The color in this shot is really awesome.

Speaking of color. This is why you get married in October.

Speaking of October,. this location was as empty as it was the day we shot there. Sorry guys I couldn’t resist. But I do love this shot.

This photo makes me miss summer.

Another fav of mine from Jivon & Anthony’s engagement sesison.

Their wedding photos rocked too. The color & light was just nutty.

Gotta love images like this.

I must have said something funny here.

I don’t know how I missed this shot. Its my all time new fav from their wedding day.

Another classic October image.

Such a great image from Nicole & Nick’s or “The Nic’s” engagement session.

I search for a sky like this at every wedding. I actually call this a Tuesday night sky since they seem to only show up on Tuesdays not Saturdays.

June in a field. We all know I shot in my fair share of fields in 2009.

Another field. Only in October. True story Tracey walked barefoot this location because her shoe’s hurt. What a trooper!

When you can’t shoot outside, you shoot inside.

The color in late August at Saratoga National is sweet. It was actually a lot darker than it appears in this photo, gotta love 1.2 lenses.

Light was no factor at Lindsey & Ryan’s September wedding. Neither were moments like this.

The shoe’s, the spot, all awesome.

I see you Sarah.

All that lens flare is simply beautiful.

Sarah & Ben in one of my favorite Saratoga locations.

The classic car with the classic white church in a classic toned image is all around awesome.

Jaimee & Sean, you gotta love this wedding.

I wont lie, It was pretty cold here. Was it worth it? Hell yeah!

Alissa & Shane were just off the hook all day.

I wonder what he was saying. My guess, “Andrea, you know this image is going to be off the hook right?” 😉

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