How’d I Miss That? 2013 Weddings

It’s time for my annual “How’d I miss that?” blog post. I’ve been doing this blog post since 2010. It’s always a fun one because there are some images that should have been blogged in their original post but got cut do to long blog posts, redundancy or whatever. In this one it’s a little mix of some missed shots from our 2013 wedding season. I hope you all enjoy!


Alaina’s most awesome gift from her sis!
I loved this spot!
Their stunning wedding rings on an oar which Jared had made for each groomsmen.
Ashley sure had some stunning flowers from Fleurtacious Designs.
Hitting notes like it’s his job.. oh wait it is..

Cheers for !
now onto the real stuff lol.
This was back when shooting in the rain was cool, before it became the theme of 2013. :/
Just a fun moment from their reception.
Kate & Mike in a scene of color.. October at its best.
Peep the ride.
Tim, getting ready..
Everyone loved gram!
Katie & Ken back in March..
Megan & Doug‘s amazing August wedding..
I love how they looked at each other as they walked down the aisle.. too cute.
Seeing an image like this in February makes me miss summer..

Cheers for Emily & Jeremy!
some pretty portraits in some pretty light.
Erin getting her shoes on..
All the fellas looking slick in their suspenders..
Kate posing for her sister, Kristen (2014 Elario bride to be)
A “fabulous” moment.
Abbey Road? Nah.. 4th street in Troy..
later that day it snowed and it was beautiful.
 looking stunning..
they had too much fun!
Michelle & Bob in front of one of the most beautiful backdrops we have around here.
wedding day turnaround!
Rita & Tom‘s wedding had a lot of rain which resulted in these beautiful interior portraits..
make it official.
Kara & Dan had a beautiful snowscape for their portraits!
Heather and her ladies and their lovely bouquets..
The fall foliage hung on for this November wedding.
Erica and her bridesmaids were a lively bunch (and all stunning).
Those are some socks!
Seeing their room for the first time!
Erin & Chad had an absolutely gorgeous ceremony at Saratoga National.
so pretty..
Sam and the girls having a laugh.
Pat and his crew were something else..
Lauren & Scott making Schenectady look extra good.
love this b&w..

Lots of fun at Lisa & Robert‘s wedding..
Kat’s Mother and sister help her into that amazing gown..
a nice moment during their ceremony.
oh hey!
Jenny & Anthony in the field at Saratoga National.
making an entrance and having some fun..

A detail of Hilary‘s gown..
I love shots like this of a groom and his boys..
Cristine & Kevin had that painted lake kind of day for their wedding..
Julia & Jon‘s bus was the coolest form of wedding transportation this past year.

More stunning flowers from Fleurtacious Designs for, .
So cute.
A little snippet from their first dance.
Josepha, making it look easy..
I love this image Big Joe captured and how Craig and his brother Ryan (Tim’s brothers) are talking during the ceremony and if you look close, so are Kate and Tim.

At Tim’s wedding Craig and Ryan were talking.. Now at Craig’s wedding, Craig and Josepha are talking while Tim and Ryan are the serious ones.. I think it’s safe to say Craig is the chatty one.

This color.. wow.

One of the many portraits taken at Michele & Paul‘s wedding.
Jessica and her girls had the cutest getting ready outfits and had so much fun while getting ready.
Can I get a hand?
Oh lord.. I can taste it from looking at it.. blah!!
stop. being. beautiful.
also amazing designs by none other than Fleurtacious Designs!

Loving all the lines in this portrait of Julie & Kevin
Cheers for beers!

Just incase any of us forgot who Sarah was 😉
Sara, just flawless all day..
The Mount in Lenox, MA had so many amazing places to capture images..
Not setup, we just waited for it to happen and it did (quickly)
stop having fun!

Are the stunning bouquets from Fleurtacious Designs a coincidence in this post? No, thats just what they do! Loved all the color from Tabitha & Peter‘s day!
Tabitha and Mom holding hands, so sweet.
and a forehead kiss because we were due for one..

The images on these steps of Rhiannon & Vinny were some of my favorites from the whole day..
“Cause this is thriller!”
the motion makes this image amazing.. great capture by, Big Joe.
DJ Playground taking a break while Vinny Vin jumped on the 1’s and 2’s during his wedding.

In  bridal suite…
A gift to  from Megan. You got some free weekends, Mina? Wanna shoot with us?
When you walk down the aisle you know its party time..
An amazing spot for this October bride and groom.
Tanya, clearly loving the suspenders..
Meredith and Mom.
I lost count of all the amazing Fleurtacious Designs bouquets in this post!
just a sip.. 😉
So pretty..
Lauren and her crew walking to the church..
I loved this scene at Crooked Lake…
Christine Wheat seeing that this couple’s introduction was flawless (it was)
Alex‘s fresh Louboutin’s.. I guess they scuff if you wear them all day? 😉
So pretty, Alex!
Another favorite from their day.
and I’ll end with this crazy and colorful crew!!


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